25 November, 2020
Mox App: Virtual Bank
Mox App: Virtual Bank

5 Ways To Get The Most From Black Friday Sales

25 November, 2020
Mox App: Virtual Bank scoop

Standard Chartered’s new virtual bank, Mox Bank, is offering us 5% Super CashBack on top of all the tempting sales at Amazon (US), ASOS, MR PORTER, NET-A-PORTER, YOOX and Sephora.

The biggest sale of the year is about to hit and we’re ready to make the most of it. If you haven’t yet heard of Mox, you’re missing out on earning CashBack with every single transaction (you read that right!).

Backed by Standard Chartered, this new virtual bank is here to revolutionise how we spend, save and stay on top of our finances. Modern, forward-thinking and simple-to-use, the Mox app keeps your cash in your hands. No more waiting to get your card, traditional bank open-hours and long lunchtime queues to get cash out.

We all know about the incredible sales coming up with Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, but did you know that you can get an additional 5% Super CashBack at some of our favourite online shopping sites – simply by using your Mox Card? Oh, and it only takes around five minutes to download the app, set up your account and get your virtual card. Whether you’re shopping in-store, online, with Apple Pay or Google Pay, all you need is your HKID and you can start shopping (and earning) today.

Amazon (US), ASOS, MR PORTER, NET-A-PORTER, YOOX and Sephora are all newly added to Mox’s 5% Super CashBack list! That means you’ll instantly get real cash credited back into your account (up to $1,000!). Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales range from 15-90% off, and with the additional 5% CashBack, there’s never been a better time to tick items off your wish list.

Mox Bank: App

We’ve been using the Mox app ourselves and have to admit that we’re big fans – there’s something satisfying about seeing cash credited back into your account and earning interest daily. Early Christmas shopping, anyone?

We chatted to the experts behind Mox to get the top tips for making the most out of Black Friday sales:

  1. Spend five minutes opening your Mox account. All you need is a valid HKID card and your phone. Download it on the App Store or Google Play now.
  2. You can transfer money through FPS and start spending straight away. You don’t even need a Standard Chartered account.
  3. Save your favourite items in your shopping basket for a speedy checkout. Top picks will sell out fast when sales hit.
  4. Checkout easily with Mox to enjoy 5% Super CashBack (up to $1,000) at any of the above brands, or 1% Unlimited CashBack everywhere else! To find your Mox Card number in the app, go to: Home > View details > View card number.
  5. Track your spending! Mox will send you instant notifications on all transactions and CashBack earned. You’ll be able to clearly see where you’re spending through the real-time categorisation tool.

Shopping carts ready? Get set, shop!

Mox, download it on the App Store or Google Play now

See here for the Super CashBack Terms & Conditions.

Brought to you in partnership with Mox Bank.

Featured image courtesy of jessieli via Instagram, image1 courtesy of samishome via Instagram, image 2 courtesy of Mox Bank.

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