16 September, 2014
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Monsieur CHATTÉ – Simply delicious French fare in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

16 September, 2014
Tucked away up a little street in Wan Chai is the latest addition to French, family-owned business, Monsieur CHATTÉ. We already know and love their Sheung Wan branch, which is conveniently located only a stone’s throw away from the Sassy office, so we were keen to try out their new venture. Although it’s a little tricky to find if you’ve never been there, this new location is perfect if you’re looking for a quick but tasty lunch in Wan Chai.


We arrived at Burrow Street in the afternoon and I was pleasantly surprised to find this small street side café. Although the primary purpose is to be a takeaway, the open-plan, tiny space means you can sit semi al fresco and people watch as you tuck into your sandwich, salad or coffee if you want to eat in. A simple bar and a couple of stools make this an easy place to stop off for lunch or an afternoon coffee and snack.


We were starving so we decided to get stuck in and try out the lunch. I opted for a make-your-own salad with four ingredients from the salad bar, which included lettuce, sun-dried tomatoes, broccoli, goat’s cheese and a sprinkle of sunflower seeds. I was surprised at the sheer size of the salad, especially considering it cost a reasonable $60, and I loved how fresh the ingredients were. I couldn’t believe that they actually used proper chunks of goat’s cheese like what you would get in France – much better than those measly crumbles you find on a lot of salads here in Hong Kong.


Simran went for the make-your-own sandwich option, choosing a poppy seed bagel, broccoli, egg and pesto. Again, the bagel was a good size and stuffed with fresh and filling ingredients. She had it toasted too, which make it even more appetising… a great takeaway lunch option if you work nearby and only $50.


We also couldn’t help trying the very cute cherry tomato tart with goat’s cheese and basil. The pastry was beautifully flaky and the tomatoes were sweet and cooked to perfection – delicious! At only $45, these homemade delights are definitely worth a try… look out for their fruit tarts too.


By this point we were pretty full, but Charline, one of the owners, insisted we try the special Café Gourmand, which includes three bite sized desserts and a coffee… We couldn’t refuse when we saw the sweet looking cannelé come out! The cannelé is one of Monsieur CHATTÉ’s specialities, and you can see why with its super moist sponge and addicitive taste. All the desserts are homemade and made fresh everyday at Monsieur CHATTÉ, so you know they’re authentic.

The Café Gourmand also came with a traditional Financier, and I personally loved this sweet, almond bar that went perfectly with the amazing coffee. There was also a serving of vanilla Movenpick ice-cream that came with the set, and we couldn’t help but have a spoonful each to cool down in the HK heat.

If you’re liking the look of that sweet cannelé then you’re in luck! The lovely folks at Monsieur CHATTÉ are offering a free cannelé upon purchase of a sandwich or a salad with 4 ingredients a l’encas Monsieur CHATTÉ in Wan Chai if you quote SASSY at the counter. This exclusive offer will be valid until 30 November 2014 only.


Overall, this little Wan Chai takeaway joint is the ideal place to come for a quick bite to eat. The quality of the ingredients is high, and the selection is simple, but delicious. With freshly baked bread, fresh salad, homemade desserts and other French ingredients and treats imported straight from France, this is definitely a little gem of a takeaway. Don’t forget to try the special Café Gourmand set for an afternoon pick me up – one of the best coffees I’ve had in HK in a long time! Bon appétit!

Monsieur CHATTÉ l’encas, G/F Lucky House, 17-21 Burrows Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, 2310 0055

Hi, I’m Lauren and I was born and raised right here in Hong Kong. That being said, with a blonde-haired, blue-eyed mum from England and a Chinese-Australian father, I would definitely say that I grew up as a third culture kid! I love every part of this city and all its many contrasts; from the green of the country parks (and the scary monkeys…) to the shimmery lights of the skyline – it never gets old. I’ve always loved to travel and living here is such a privilege as we’re so close to so many incredible countries and different cultures. I’ve always got a bad case of wanderlust and I’m constantly on the look out for an adventure… here’s to my new adventure at Sassy!

Impossible to choose only a few things, but I’ve done my best! I love the energy of the city and how there is always something to do. Public transport is a dream – I love taking the tram and hearing the little ‘ding ding’, sailing across the harbour on the $2 Star Ferry and ‘dooting’ my Octopus on the super efficient MTR. I love going hiking in the hills five minutes from my flat, always being close to the sea, summer junk trips with friends, dim sum Sundays with the family and a couple of cocktails never go amiss (or a couple of free ‘champagnes’ on the Carnegies bar).

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