Melville Fine Jewellery

Sassy girl and fine jeweller, Nathalie Melville (below), creates beautiful bespoke pieces of jewellery which you can wear with a clear conscience! That’s because Melville Fine Jewellery is the only brand in the Far East to have been awarded the Fairmined Mark, which means that the gold and metals used in the line have been sourced from mines held to high ethical standards. Miners who work in Fair Trade mines receive a fair price for their work and the gold they source, as well as being protected from the toxic chemicals that accompany the mining process. Nathalie Melville also sources the diamonds and precious stones used in her pieces from traceable sources, avoiding the risk that you could end up owning a so-called “Blood Diamond”.

The bespoke process to create a unique item for a client begins with a private consultation to kick-off some inspiration, for example to create a commissioned engagement ring. Nathalie will get to know the client’s wishes and then come back to present ideas and designs to the client before creating the piece itself in gold or platinum. Nathalie describes her style as very organic, often using a lace-like carving technique (see below), and seeing each piece as having its own individual character – one of the huge benefits of commissioning a custom piece!

As Nathalie is at the forefront of her industry, she gets to see all the new jewellery trends emerge first-hand, with what clients are directly asking for. She is seeing a big resurgence in the demand for yellow gold, being used in a very contemporary way, and since the sale last year of Wallis Simpson’s Cartier Panther bracelet, the combination of diamonds and onyx is very in vogue.

For further information about Melville Fine Jewellery, or to book an appointment to visit Nathalie at her studio, email [email protected].

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