15 March, 2012

Sassy Review: a mani & pedi at Lavande Spa

15 March, 2012

Dearest Lavande Spa,

I just have to tell you that you had me at Chanel. I was immediately sold on you when I popped into your brand new nail salon a few Fridays ago and saw a very special treat awaiting me. Not only did you have a great selection of OPI and probably the largest Essie selection I have ever seen in Hong Kong, you also gave me a chance to indulge myself with a bit of Chanel!

Never ever have I put Chanel polish on my fingers or toes and never ever have I seen it available in a nail salon – you sure know how to make a girl feel special, don’t you? Just having the option to treat myself to something so glamorous on a Friday afternoon was enough to make me giddy with delight.

Of course, I chose a Chanel polish (the greyish one in the back row) for my fingers but being the equal opportunity girl that I am I opted for a red from your enormous Essie selection for my toes. Please tell your OPI colours that I will pay them more attention next time. I promise.

I settled down for my Rosie Rose Manicure and Vanilla Milk Pedicure and happily occupied myself with magazines. My most favourite activity during my treatment though was people watching. Thank you for picking a location right by the escalators on Caine Road because it was amazing for style spotting and general nosiness.

My treatment was fab and the smells of the roses and vanilla made me very hungry for a little treat after (which I satisfied with a Sift cupcake by the way).

I loved the fact that you practice perfect hygiene in your salon and I was able to bring home the equipment that you used so I can maintain my fingers and toes in between visits.

I can tell customer service is going to be your strong suit. I think it is so lovely that you give a free touchup for any chips that occur 3 days after your appointment. That is so nice of you but I have to tell you that it was not needed. I kept waiting for a chip so I could come back and see you but it never happened. Guess that is a sign that you know exactly what you are doing…

Finally, thank you for coming all the way from the US to open your doors in Hong Kong. I have heard that you have loads of locations in California and it was so nice to get a taste of the US right here in Hong Kong. Since you are from California I am sure you must have had some celebrities visit your salon before. Can you share who they are and what their favourite colours are please?!

I have told many friends about you already so please don’t make a liar out of me. Treat them as nice as you treated me, pamper them as much as you pampered me and don’t forget to show them the Chanel, I think they will love it!

Love Maura x

Lavande Spa, Shop A Basement Floor, 61 Caine Rd, Central, Hong Kong (Enter on Shelley Street), 2522 2577


Opening hours: Monday – Friday 10am-9pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am-8pm

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