22 June, 2010

Lomography Gallery Store

22 June, 2010

Earlier this year as we were redesigning our website and logo we decided it would be neat to have some fun with the pictures we take. We heard a little bit about plastic toy cameras (we were pretty much sold on how cute they were!) so we headed to the Lomography store in Sheung Wan to see what all the hype is about.

Around Sassy I am the one who totally shies away from taking pictures at our events. Even on vacation I am happy to let my husband take the lead and be the photographer. Part of it is because I love being in the pictures and the other part is that I am always intimidated when there is pressure to take a good shot. With that being said, upon entering the store all I wanted to do is pick up a camera and shoot away because the cameras are so cool! Going into the store that day we decided we wanted to buy a Holga camera (approx. price $500), which is somewhat of a cult sensation.

The Holga was made back in 1982 here in Hong Kong as an inexpensive way to take pictures. It was later dismissed because of its lack in precision, light leaks and inexpensive qualities which is the exact reason why so many photographers love it today. The pictures come out almost dream like and vintage looking and the term happy accidents is something that we have heard over and over from people who are loyal Holga users because you never know what the picture will turn out like. The fun thing (and I have to admit aggravating thing as well) about the Holga is that it brings you back to the “olden days” when you couldn’t check every single picture to make sure everyone’s eyes are open. You have to drop the film off and keep your fingers crossed that the majority of the pictures turned out right. Since you haven’t seen many of our holga shots it is safe to say that we are still getting used to the camera but there have been a number of “happy accidents” that we have been excited about.

The Holga’s come in so many different colours and of course ours had to be pink! The store in Sheung Wan didn’t have the pink in stock so we couldn’t wait another day so we headed to G.O.D since they also stock some Holga camera’s as well. The Lomography store also stocks a somewhat similar camera called Diana which I think is so cool looking!

Our poor Holga has not seen the light of day in a while. When we first got it we were out and about using it and having loads of fun taking pictures around town. It is best to head out on a nice and sunny day but since you can never count on that here in Hong Kong our pretty pink camera has been staying indoors. Since we have had some nice days lately I am thinking it needs to come out and play a bit more! I am heading back to the US for a few weddings this years (most importantly my sisters!) so I am thinking our pink Holga will be a nice little accessory. My fingers are crossed I can get some good shots like the wedding pics below because it would be a fun addition to add to my sisters wedding album!

Lomography Store
G/F, No 2 Po Yan Street
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
2915 2205

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