6 New Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

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This new app, Skipmenu, has nothing to do with food and everything to do with saving time – something we all need! Don’t you hate when you call a customer service hotline just to be ambushed with never-ending options of “press 1 for this” and “press 2 for that”? Thanks to Skipmenu, you can shorten the time of a customer support call by an average of 7x! To learn how Skipmenu works, check out a video they made here!


Download Skipmenu on your iPhone or Android for free.


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Most of us are potential victims of office workspace hazards – we know, a bit melodramatic, but totally true! When you’re sitting in a nicely air-conditioned office all day, it’s easy to forget the health hazards that exist! Fitster aims to help you stay healthy while maintaining your office job. Once you download the desktop app, you are provided with reminders or simple exercises that can get your blood flowing and even increase your productivity.


Download and find out more info about Fitster on their site here.


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Hospital Advisor

Although this one’s not strictly an app, it is an equally important online platform worth noting. Hospital Advisor ranks all the hospitals in Hong Kong, public and private, based on patient experiences and Quality of Care Index. If you ever have questions or concerns about a hospital you or a loved one is attending, look no further than this website.


Visit Hospital Advisor here.


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The Hong Kong lifestyle can get pretty busy. One minute you’re typing furiously to finish up a project and the next you realise you completely forgot to pick up a cake for your friend’s birthday. SpotHelp aims to help you do all the things you are too busy to do. Using “Task Heroes”, SpotHelp is a chat-based personal assistant service over Whatsapp and Facebook that can help you book restaurants, plan birthdays, and yes, pick up cakes. Simply add them on Whatsapp and message them your request!


Add SpotHelp on Whatsapp at +852 6190 7100.


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Ever scroll through Instagram and envy the outfits of all those fashion bloggers? Yeah, we’ve been there. Goxip is a fashion discovery platform that lets you browse through celebrity and community content and pick whatever outfit you like best. It instantly redirects you to a similar, more affordable option that you can purchase right away. How awesome is that?!


Download Goxip on Android or visit their website here.


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Finding it hard to co-ordinate all the different areas of your life? You’re in luck. LadyPlans is a new personal organiser app that is specifically designed for women by women. The all-in-one app helps you to de-clutter your busy schedule with a built in calendar and 40+ checklists. We all know how hectic it can get in Hong Kong, so if you’re mixing up dates and struggling with that work life balance then make sure you give it a try. It’s also available in English and Chinese!


Download LadyPlans on your iPhone for free.


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