11 January, 2016

Top 5 New Apps To Try In 2016

11 January, 2016

Our pick of the best new apps!

New year, new… apps! We’ve picked our favourite new apps for 2016 that will help you stay on top of all those well-intentioned resolutions. Whether it’s organisation you’re after, fitness goals or travel dreams, we’ve found a couple of interesting new apps to help you along the way. Check them out below!



January is all about starting afresh and setting goals for the year, but once you’ve made those goals, it’s easier said than done when it comes to achieving them! Enter Coach.me (formerly ‘Lift’), an app that literally coaches you towards your goal by helping you build habits. By reminding you everyday to do something, whether it’s meditate for 10 minutes, exercise or dedicate half an hour to practicing a new hobby, it encourages you to take action and track your progress. A good start if you really want to stick to those resolutions and make lifestyle changes.

Download here for iPhone and here for Android


Launching last August in Hong Kong, Citymapper is perfect for those who are directionally challenged (that may be some of us here in the Sassy office… not naming names!). Loved in major cities like London, New York and Paris, Citymapper not only helps you navigate around town with a realtime sat nav, but it also helps save you time… now you’re listening! The app helps you plan the quickest journey and compares routes to your destination using all kinds of Hong Kong transport as well as walking and cycling routes. Now you can perfectly co-ordinate your ‘getting ready’ time and your actual travel time to that upcoming party or event. Being fashionably late is so 2015.

Download here for iPhone and here for Android


Okay, so this one isn’t that new… but it’s just so cool! Spice up your videos and Instagram with these cute, looped clips that are sure to entertain. If you love taking photos and experimenting with visuals, this app is definitely one to try out. Loved by celebs such as Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne and Kendell Jenner, Boomerang is a fun new(ish) app to add to your phone in 2016. Get snappin’!

Download here for iPhone and here for Android



Kick that case of wanderlust with Kayak’s travel app! From flights and hotel options, to trips and price alerts, Kayak has you covered every step of the way on your journey. Search for everything you could possibly want on your holiday and make sure you plan your trip to a tee with this easy to use app… they even have a flight tracker so you can check if your flight is running on time. Time to tick off that 2016 bucket list!

Download here for iPhone and here for Android


If getting fit for the New Year is one of your resolutions, then this handy little app might be just want you need as extra encouragement and motivation. Launched by Australian model Hannah Saul, HANxFIT is designed for girls on the go, helping women to stay active and fit in exercise around any schedule. With workouts that you can do in any surroundings that are suitable for everyone (from beginners to pros), this app is surely a step in the right direction if you want to make sure fitness is a part of your every day life this year. Why not give it a try and see if you can incorporate some of the exercises into your hectic Hong Kong schedule?

Download here for iPhone and here for Android.


Happy downloading!

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