6 Gifts for Your Pet: Treat Your Pooch this Christmas

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If you’ve ever dreamed of sharing a Christmas dinner with your dog, here’s your chance (well, sort of!). Choose from three, superfood-enriched meal plans that provide your pup with all of the nutrients and digestive aids they need. Each individually packed meal is personalised based on the breed, weight, life stage and age of your pooch to ensure the best possible concoction for them – freshly prepared and not a dry biscuit in sight!

100% natural and free from all chemicals, preservatives and gluten, give your pet the gift of health this year with Dogalicious‘ weekly dose of handmade chicken, beef or fish dishes. Sign up for a one week free trial and start noticing the difference within days – we’re talking a shinier, fuller coat and regulated errr… bathroom habits – hurray!

In the spirit of Christmas, Dogalicious is also giving one reader the chance to win a one month tailor-made programme, as well as giving all entrants a $200 coupon to use on a subscription. Click the button below to learn more and enter the giveaway. ‘Tis the season!


Availble from $250 a week (with free delivery!),

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One thing Hong Kong lacks is a good subscription box service! Whether it be a wealth of healthy, organic snacks or beauty faves, receiving a goodie bag is always a nice surprise – a monthly, well deserved gift to yourself, if you will!

So if we can indulge, then why can’t our puppies benefit from a little extra love? And whether you’re slightly dog-crazed (guilty as charged), or just looking for a fun way to mix up your best friend’s toys, WagBox sends a surprise treasure trove of chew toys, treats and helpful grooming products and accessories straight to your doorstep. With a one, three or six month plan to choose from, opt to buy a subscription as a unique Christmas gift for fellow dog owners or sign yourself  up (hey, I’m going to!) so that your tail-wagger also has something under the tree to open come Christmas morning!

Keen? WagBox is giving three lucky readers a one-month subscription, for free! Simply click the button below and enter in your details… Merry Christmas one and dog!


Prices start at $450 for one month, $408 for three and $350 for a six month subscription (with free shipping!)

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Dogotel & Spa

Dog hotels are on the rise in Honkers! From luxury boarding services to puppy play dates and even recreational clubs, your pooch is set for pampering at every which turn. And Dogotel & Spa is no exception when it comes to unique puppy treatments and five-star kennels! Treat your furry friend to an ‘Ultrasonic-Hydro Bath‘ or ‘Organic Herb Spa‘ (treatments that seriously rival their human counterpart!), ensuring they’re in tip-top shape for the festive season ahead.

Price vary depending on the service and length of hotel stay, click here for more details!

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Three Dog Bakery

Break bread (or biscuits) with your pup on Christmas morn and treat them to some festive nibbles and freshly prepared goodies! From customised cakes and oven-baked snickerdoodles to ice cream scoops, Three Dog Bakery has it all! There’s no need to sneak gravy-soaked turkey slices under the table, or feel guilty as you’re stared down cutting the Christmas cake, because your pooch can indulge right alongside you this year.

Grab your treats from various locations across Hong Kong,

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Hiccup Dog

Our pups pick up everything. Despite our best efforts, we can’t always monitor their every move, but we can provide them with boredom-busting toys that are safe and chemical-free! Plus, what more could our fur babies want than a brand new chew toy for Christmas? Or any day of the year for that matter. Made from natural materials, and 100% biodegradable, Hiccup Dog stock cute, organic chew toys that are not only okay for your dog to consume (if they happen to) but are also able to endure a ton of chewing and head shaking!

Avoid the inevitable stuffing explosion and gift your pooch a fun shaped and durable toy that’s sure to keep them away from shredding all of the wrapping paper and running off with your brand new Urban Decay palette this Christmas…

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Bugsy's Treats

Okay, so admittedly we sneak our pups a bit of chicken here and a leftover scrap there, but we should always know what we’re putting into their bodies, and avoid ‘treats’ that can often do more harm than good. We’re in love with Bugsy‘s array of all-natural dog treats which use human grade, organic ingredients, superfoods and are free from all nasties!

Whipping up batches of biscuits and jerky in their local kitchen, everything is hand crafted and treated before delivering to your door, including made-to-order cookies and tidbits for dogs with dietary requirements, or senior pooches in need of soft bites! Go on, stuff their stocking with a goodie or two, how could we resist? They’re good enough for us to eat, after all!


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