17 November, 2017

Santa Claus is Coming to Town – with all our US Favourites!

17 November, 2017

Treat yourself with Trusu


With only five Fridays left until Christmas and between all the highly anticipated mince pie munching and mulled wine guzzling, we’re starting to write our wish lists and pick up bits and pieces for friends and family as we go. Home to a huge variety of shops and online stores, Hong Kong has it all. But don’t you wish it was easier to order your bestie’s much-loved makeup brand or your sister’s coveted ‘Tis the Season’ Candle from Bath and Body Works? Well,  you’re in for a treat with Trusu…  

First of its kind in Hong Kong, Trusu is an online platform for Hong Kongers to request almost any US product available online. Committed to keeping up its high standards and excellent level of customer care, it’s easy to nosy around to check out what the rest of the city is craving, or type in a website link to request something specific.

Prices are all set in Hong Kong dollars and are inclusive of shipping, meaning there are no hidden costs and you can keep track of exactly what you’re spending throughout the festive season. Unlike most shipping consolidators, you won’t need a foreign address or make yourself dizzy converting weight and currency – it’s all laid out for you and shipped in bulk, sharing the shipping cost and making your fave items super affordable. It’s a Christmas miracle!

sassy perk

You can always pick up your products for free from its office in Cyberport, but the elves at Trusu are gifting us with free home delivery using the code “sassyhk” upon checkout* this month. Happy shopping!

*Code expires Friday, 1 December 2017


Brought to you in partnership with Trusu

Featured image sourced via Unsplash

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