New On Netflix: Everything We’re Watching In September

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Airs On: Tuesday, 10 September

Six strangers share a fabulous house in Tokyo, looking for love while living under the same roof. With no script, what happens next is entirely up to them. While the concept of putting strangers together is nothing new in the realm of reality TV, the quiet non-drama of Terrace House, along with the witty insights of the narrators, elevate this show to greatness.

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The I-Land

Airs On: Thursday, 12 September

Wiped clean of memories and thrown together, a group of strangers fight to survive harsh realities – and the island that traps them. Starring Kate Bosworth and Alex Pettyfer, this Netflix limited series has been described as Fyre Festival meets Lost.

Watch the trailer here.

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Airs On: Friday, 13 September

Based on real events, a teen reports and eventually recants her reported rape. Meanwhile, states away, two female detectives investigate a spate of eerily similar attacks that could be key to revealing the truth. “Unbelievable” is a story of unspeakable trauma, unwavering tenacity and astounding resilience.

Watch the trailer here.

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Tall Girl

Airs On: Friday, 13 September

Tall Girl is a sweet coming-of-age comedy about (you guessed it!), a tall girl tackling the trials and tribulations of high school. Jodi is the tallest girl in her school and has never quite felt comfortable in her own statuesque skin. But all of that changes when she falls for the handsome (and equally tall) foreign exchange student Stig who, of course, gets Jodi’s quirky, best, male friend, Dunkleman, and his hippie mum as a host family. Cue the teenage drama and rom-com tropes galore.

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Airs On: Friday, 20 September

Calling all true crime fans! This month sees the long-awaited premiere of Netflix’s Criminal – an ambitious crime drama which brings together 12 different stories from the UK, France, Germany and Spain. Described by Netflix as a “stripped down, cat-and-mouse drama”, each story plays out exclusively within the confines of a police interview room. It’s no wonder the series is already drawing comparisons to BBC procedural Line Of Duty. Boasting a stellar cast (which includes David Tennant and Hayley Atwell), we’re already re-arranging our September diaries to accommodate a weekend binge-watch.

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Between Two Ferns: The Movie

Airs On: Friday, 20 September

Viral comedy short “Between Two Ferns” gets the Hollywood treatment courtesy of Netflix this month. The premise? Host Zach Galifianakis hits the road to seek out famous interview subjects for his no-budget talk show. This is a must-watch for any fans of oddball comedy.

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The Politician

Airs On: Friday, 27 September

Love for Ryan Murphy shows run deep in the Sassy office (shoutout to crowd favourite American Horror Story!). So it should come as no surprise to learn that we’re counting down the days to the release of his latest creation, The Politician. Featuring an all-star cast which includes the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Lange, the series follows Payton Hobart, a wealthy student from Santa Barbara, California, as he sets out to win the Student Body Presidency. To do so, he’ll have to outsmart his ruthless classmates without sacrificing his own morality and carefully crafted image. Full of comedy and sly satire, this show has all the makings to be another Glee-sized hit!

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Tiny House Nation: Volume 2

Airs On: Sunday, 29 September

Let’s face it, tiny home living is something everyone in Hong Kong can relate to. But while we bemoan our lack of space on an almost daily basis, this reality show offers an insight into the virtue of tiny houses. Join John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin as they hit the road to meet aspiring tiny homeowners, who are yearning to build small with maximum ingenuity and style.

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