7 Inspiring Podcasts for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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The Tim Ferris Show

The Tim Ferris Show is consistently ranked among the top podcasts in the world, and it’s not hard to see why it’s considered the #1 business podcast to listen to. With a wide variety of guests ranging from Peter Thiel (of the Theil fellowships) to Malcolm Gladwell, you’ll be sucked right into Ferris’ candid interviewing style as he gets into the tactics, tools and routines of these successful individuals.

The best part? It’s been going strong since 2014, so you have plenty of episodes to binge-listen to right away – who knows, you may just find the nugget of inspiration that you were looking for!

Highlight Episode: The 4 Hour Workweek Revisited

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Oprah’s SuperSoulful Conversations

Do we even need to justify this one? Oprah sits down with some of the most successful business leaders, authors and experts who help you answer some of life’s biggest questions and reach your best self.

It’s fascinating to hear and understand how these mega successful luminaries think and operate, and you may just find yourself adopting some of their routines. After all, motivation may get you started but habits are truly what keep you going, right?

Highlight Episode: Shonda Rhimes: Change Your Life By Saying “Yes” (And “No” Too)

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How to Start a Startup

The combination of Y Combinator (one of the world’s best known accelerator programs) and Stanford University should be enough to get you to download this right now!

Originally a semester long crash course at Stanford by Y Combinator president Sam Altman, the twenty lectures in the series were so well received that they’ve been archived as a podcast that should be foundational listening for any budding entrepreneur. This one will make you feel like you’re back at university all over again, so sharpen your pencils and be ready to make copious notes.

Start With: 1. Why to Start a Startup

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The Pitch

The Pitch is one of our favourite entrepreneurial podcasts out there and with good reason – you’ll get an unobstructed view of real pitches for real companies and investors as well as gain valuable insights on do’s and don’ts in the pitching world. It may just help you land the funding you’ve been looking for.

Highlight Episode: #12 – Teamable

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How I Built This

There’s something about Guy Raz’s incredibly soothing voice as he interviews his high profile guests that hooks you right in. His interview style is so laid back and conversational, you’ll feel like you’re just chatting to your buddies (if your buddies were extremely successful entrepreneurs owning some of the biggest companies in the world). Expect to learn about what makes these people tick, and how you could implement some of his tips into your life to help your business grow.

Highlight Episode: Clif Bar – Gary Erickson

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Startup is podcast powerhouse, Gimlet Media’s first show all about how co-founder, Alex Blumberg built Gimlet Media (#meta) from the ground up. He continues to tell reveal details on how startups fail as well as pitch competitions throughout the following seasons.

Blumberg and Lisa Chow (Blumberg’s co-host in later seasons) are warm, friendly and most importantly, know exactly what they’re talking about in this world. It’s an easy listen, and the insight is so well embedded into their storytelling that you definitely won’t fall asleep listening to this.

Start With: S1E1 – How Not To Pitch a Billionaire

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Ask Gary Vee

When Gary Vaynerchuk came to Hong Kong last year as a part of the RISE conference, his talks and events were so oversubscribed that unless you were supremely lucky (or early!), like me you would have had to settle with the live feed instead.

He’s known for his magnetic stage presence, so there’s never a dull moment in his episodes. Famous for being an early investor in Facebook and Twitter (amongst many other accomplishments), Vaynerchuk really knows his stuff when it comes to being an entrepreneur and expert marketer. The podcast is a mixture of his interviews, fireside chats and keynote speeches on marketing and business, and you’re sure to walk away with a deeper understanding of how to navigate your business strategy in this digital world.

Highlight Episode: #AskGaryVee 271 – Tim Ferriss

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