18 June, 2019
lifestyle reasons need upskill now
lifestyle reasons need upskill now

8 Reasons Why You Need To Upskill In The Digital Age

18 June, 2019
lifestyle reasons need upskill now

Here’s why we should all consider becoming more tuned in to tech!

We’ve officially entered an age where technology and people who mould and interact with it on a daily basis are no longer put in a nerdy-niche bracket. Today, the vast majority of us take tech for granted, to the point where the younger generations marvel at the sight of a flip phone, viewing it as an archaic piece of lost civilisation. The backbone of tech is the languages and software used to run it, not to mention the individuals that create apps we can’t live without. So why shouldn’t we consider upskilling and learning a thing or two about tech ourselves? Believe it or not, getting your feet wet is more accessible than ever these days. Here are eight reasons why you need to upskill in the very near future, because if not now…when?

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lifestyle reasons to upskill now

1. Some say it’s the “future literacy”

Depending on where you look, you may find some experts or organisations claiming that coding will become the “future literacy” based on how prevalent computers and AI have become at this stage in our evolution. Whether or not you want to take this sentiment literally, there is some merit in saying that a computational way of thinking, problem solving and applied logic/reasoning is becoming more relevant as technology continues to advance.

2. Future generations will be able to outsmart you

Were you one of those kids who asked their parents for help with homework from time to time (or even always)? Parents have a huge impact on their children’s educational development, and sometimes this requires being able to field never-ending exclamations of “but why?”, as well as understanding what projects are being worked on. We all like to poke fun at how baby boomers have struggled in the age of texting and Facebook, but pretty soon that could be you!

3. Your job could be replaced with a robot

It’s scary to think that within the next 10-15 years, 40% of jobs may be replaced by AI. Whilst the first to go would be things like drivers and roles in fast food and retail, eventually some mid to high-end jobs could be replaced as well, such as accountants, auditors, economists and financial analysts. While some jobs may not be fully automated, the automation tools available will only leave room for the cream of the crop who know how to make the most of the latest technologies.

4. There may be a pay rise in it for you

For those who are able to ascend the ranks and quickly adapt to data automation and visualisation tools, there may be rewards at the end of the tunnel. As of now, we are officially in a phase where the quickest learners will have access to competitive tools that can help you impress your boss and climb the ladder faster than ever.

lifestyle upskill now startup business

5. It could help you to build your own business

Would you rather build your own ladder than climb someone else’s? Many would-be entrepreneurs get stuck looking for technical co-founders and app building solutions during the brainstorming phase. While you don’t need to completely repurpose yourself as a tech person, it’s incredibly helpful to know what kind of questions to ask a freelancer or technical hire.

6. It will be eye opening

Learning how to code can actually train your brain to enhance your mental models and change the way you approach problem solving. Plus, understanding data analytics will help you to see valuable data and patterns in every interaction you have with the world. Being able to recognise such patterns can pay off in ways you might not have considered (like business or market trends and personal health and wellness), as well as making your life more efficient.

7. You will be able to make better informed decisions

No matter whether your allegiance lies with iPhone or Android, if you are reading this you’re already connected. The world is entering an age where our cars will soon be able to drive us, our speakers will be able to order our toilet paper for us and your TV sensor will know what mood we are in (and what it should be playing on whatever streaming channel’s algorithms win the “content race”). We are literally being coddled by technology, and understanding the backbone of how it works will help you get the most out of it.

8. It could help you to find a new job, hobby or passion

Learning how to code, play with data, build machine-learning algorithms or even design beautiful people-centric technology might be the thing that helps you find your “flow” (that state of mind where working becomes playing). When was the last time you lost yourself in work? The type of problem solving associated with these technologies can be addictive in a good way, one that you enjoy doing for fun (or money) and could possibly even contribute to humanity!

So what are you waiting for?

Featured image courtesy of Marvin Meyer via Unsplash, image 1 courtesy of Christina Morillo via Pexels, image 2 courtesy A GIRLBRAND via Unsplash.

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