12 September, 2018
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7 Questions with Natalie Pringle of The New Savvy

12 September, 2018

We chatted to Natalie Pringle, CMO of The New Savvy, to find out all about the company and the upcoming The Future is Female conference.

Not sure where to start when it comes to managing your finances and beginning to save, or even invest? You’re not alone! The New Savvy, Asia’s leading financial, investments and career platform focusing on empowering the modern woman, is here to help. In the run up to its The Future is Female conference (taking place on Friday, 14 September), we chatted to CMO Natalie Pringle to find out more about the company, the event and the benefits of being more financially literate.

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Tell us a little about yourself!

I am the CMO for The New Savvy and Ambassador for the brand here in Hong Kong. I’ve lived in Hong Kong for almost 4 years and worked in a variety of industries before finding an outlet for my passion in helping women through financial empowerment.

You made quite a big change from working in real estate to being the CMO of the The New Savvy. What brought you down this path in life, and what was the biggest turning point for you?

My career has been incredibly varied so far and that has given me a wide range of skills which I utilise every day. From originally studying law and wanting to be a Barrister, to then moving into a career in Residential Real Estate, I had the opportunity to progress very quickly and that’s what brought me here to Hong Kong.

Being involved with The New Savvy happened very naturally after I attended the conference in Singapore last year and just felt that it was something that we really needed here in Hong Kong. From volunteering as an Ambassador, to then taking the CMO role, the transition has been an easy one as I believe so wholeheartedly in what the team stands for, so I am always looking at ways we can expand our mission and grow our community.

I’m very happy that my path has led me here and if I had not moved to Asia then there is a chance I would not have been aware of The New Savvy, but I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason.

Describe The New Savvy in 5 words or less! 

Empowering women through financial literacy.

What is the biggest tool that has helped you increase your own financial literacy? 

Being part of The New Savvy was the big turning point for me as until that time I had just taken the traditional route of getting a good job and working hard for promotions and payrises, but I didn’t really know what to do with the money I was earning.

Now, through the content we produce and by having the confidence to ask questions, I fully understand the importance of planning and saving as well as why it is so crucial to invest. I’ve certainly reached the point where I think about the way I manage my finances very differently and can see how important it is ensure that the money you earn is actually working for you.

It’s been a steep learning curve but I am glad I had the opportunity to make mistakes and develop my understanding at a relatively early stage so that I can observe good financial habits and make a difference to my future.

Do you think Hong Kong has the adequate resources to empower women in their financial decisions?

The landscape is improving, however, the reason we launched The New Savvy here is because we felt that whilst there are a number of entrepreneurial groups and excellent women in business networks, there was very little raising awareness of the importance of financial literacy.

Being a CMO must come with many ups and downs, but what has been the most rewarding moment of your time with The New Savvy thusfar?

The most rewarding thing so far has been seeing the reaction of the women I speak to when they feel comfortable opening up about their financial experiences and commonly their fears because we create a safe environment for them to learn and find out how to improve their situation. We have been fortunate to partner with some incredible women so far from across different industries to provide help and guidance to our community. If that can help even one woman to improve her situation and take steps towards financial independence then that is where we feel the biggest reward.

What do you hope for attendees to take away from The Future is Female? 

I hope that the attendees can become more fulfilled by being open to the people around them about their insecurities or things that they don’t know. I have seen this so often when it comes to the topic of personal finances because there is so much benefit to be had by speaking to others, asking questions and sharing your concerns. Through asking the right questions and not being scared of sounding silly I have personally learnt so much and wish I had spoken out about things I was uncertain of much earlier. We are building an incredible community here and really helping women to feel empowered through financial literacy so will keep working on our bold mission to help 100 million women find financial happiness.

Images courtesy of The New Savvy.

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