15 February, 2018
Charlotte Tilbury Talks Beauty Trends
Charlotte Tilbury Talks Beauty Trends
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It’s All About the Glow: Charlotte Tilbury Talks Beauty Trends

15 February, 2018
Charlotte Tilbury Talks Beauty Trends

Sassy talks all things beauty with Charlotte Tilbury


Hold on to your makeup brushes girls, cult beauty fave, Charlotte Tilbury is launching in Hong Kong on Saturday, 21 April at Lane Crawford Harbour City mall, followed by Lane Crawford ifc mall on Sunday, 22 April – and products are expected to fly off the shelves. From her coveted Magic Cream to dreamy (and super creamy!) lipsticks, we’re huge fans of Charlotte’s collection and passion for helping women around the globe to feel confident. After all, “if you give a woman the right makeup, she can conquer the world.”

Whether you’re a long-time fan or keen to discover something new, we were lucky enough to snag five minutes with the brains and beauty behind the brand to ask what she’s most looking forward to about launching in Asia, her secrets behind her flawless skincare regime and what we can expect to see from her collection next. Spoiler: amazing things.

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Charlotte Tilbury Talks Beauty Trends

Congratulations on launching in Hong Kong! Tell us, what excites you most about the Asian market?

Thank you darling, I really can’t wait to officially bring my makeup revolution to Asia and share all of my makeup magic with all of the women of Asia, it’s a dream come true for me! I am SO excited to introduce even more of my amazing fans and followers to my brand. Asian women are just so passionate about skincare and makeup, they really embrace beauty and are always first to try new makeup looks! There are so many incredible trends and innovations happening in Asia too, which is why I feel like it is the perfect place to launch.

What do you most love about beauty?

My philosophy is: “Give a woman the right makeup and she can conquer the world.” I really believe makeup can change your life! It has this incredible power to transform and boost every woman’s confidence. I call it the ‘psychology of makeup’ – if you look good, you feel good, and the whole world responds to you in a positive way.

I first discovered makeup and became fascinated by its power when I was 13, and it changed my life. I went to boarding school, started wearing mascara and overnight everyone from ages 7-70 reacted to me in a very different way – I was instantly more empowered, magnetic and mesmerising – I felt enriched with confidence. Whilst at first it seemed like a depressing, superficial realisation, I soon realised that makeup is incredibly powerful. It’s every woman’s secret weapon! I definitely wouldn’t have the life and career I have without it.

Charlotte Tilbury Talks Beauty Trends

Share three of your best beauty tips with us. Do have an unusual tip that you swear by?

1. Primer is the key to ensuring your makeup lasts all day. It’s like painting a canvas, you always prime with gesso before you start with the paints to make sure the surface is even and non-porous. Makeup primers have the same effect on skin – they even out your skin tone, veil pores, protect your skin from pollution and ultimately make sure your makeup stays put for longer. My Brightening Youth Glow is a colour-correcting, moisturising primer with pearlescent pigments to even your skin tone and help blur away blemishes. With anti-ageing and anti-redness ingredients including chlorella and Vitamin B3 it is the perfect base for your makeup. You can even wear it on its own for a youthful glow!

2. I rely on powder to set my makeup looks – it locks in your makeup effortlessly. Powder is like good quality sheets; you want the ones with the highest thread count. My Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder is super finely milled and enriched with rose wax and almond oil so it won’t sit heavy on the skin. I only like to use powders on the t-zone, down the nose, on the chin and across the forehead. I always keep the cheekbones free of powder so that they remain dewy and catch the light.

3. Lip liners really are every girl’s best friend. You can create fuller, wider lips with a flawless finish in an instant. My Lip Cheat liners have a velvety texture that glides over any skin texture at any age. The wax and oil rich formula works beautifully as a stencil, ensuring lip colour lasts without feathering. By tracing the natural outline of your lips, you can reshape and resize the cupid’s bow, as well as any asymmetrical unevenness in an instant!

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What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a makeup artist?

I would say the biggest lesson I’ve learnt in my career is to have a single-minded focus – visualise success, dream big and dare to make your dreams a reality. I talk a lot about the power of visualisation, visualise what you want and never give up until you get it. There are always challenges with launching a brand but it’s also so much fun! This is my dream and I always say that to be successful you need to love what you do. Dare to dream it, dare to believe it, dare to do it!

In your opinion, what are set to be the biggest beauty trends for 2018? What are you most excited by?

I’m all about the GLOW! I cannot wait for everyone to see my brand-new Hollywood Flawless Filter! Launching in March, this is an amazing, revolutionary new product. A customisable hybrid complexion booster, it has the versatility of a primer, the megawatt glow of a highlighter, and the perfecting properties of your favourite digital filter. It’s my secret recipe to give a filter to celebrities’ complexions on the red carpet before all the camera tricks. It’s the ultimate high gloss, high glow celebrity-skin-filter-in-a-bottle for real life. We’re talking gorgeous, super-starlit, J.Lo skin!

Charlotte Tilbury Talks Beauty Trends


Tell us about your skincare routine?  

Skincare is so important. From the very beginning of my career I was known for amazing skin before amazing makeup. I always say you can’t have a beautiful painting without a beautiful canvas. I believe that the key to magic skin is all about looking after and maintaining the best skin of your life. The first thing I do in the morning to get that gorgeous instant glow is to cleanse with my incredible Multi-Miracle Glow Balm, I then multi-mask with my Goddess Skin Clay Mask, followed by my Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask. Next I always prep my skin with my award-winning Magic Cream (which I’m never without) I then tap in my Magic Eye Rescue underneath the eyes. To finish I’ll apply my new Brightening Youth Glow – it gives me the most gorgeous glowing, pure, dewy complexion every day!

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If you had to choose just one product from your collection, what would it be?

I never ever go anywhere without my Magic Cream. It is my secret weapon for dream skin and how this brand came to life! I had been mixing and perfecting the cream for years backstage at shoots and shows, it was my magic trick to turnaround the tired skin of supermodels and celebrities and they all became totally obsessed with it, so I decided to share it with everyone. It’s an instant miracle working cream for the skin and has become a cult favourite around the world. It contains Hyaluronic Acid, Bio-Nymph Peptides, Camelia oil, Rosehip Oil, and SPF 15, instantly flooding the skin with moisture and protects the complexion all day. I never apply makeup without it; it gives me the perfect glowing base.

Any exciting product launches on the horizon? We swear we won’t tell!

I am so excited by my brand new lip launches this month, which make every woman feel like a Queen all year round. My new lip collection, Your Lip Service, includes three dazzlingly darling lipsticks; the new Legendary Queen; a modern matte soft neutral wine colour, The Duchess; a charming tea-rose pink and finally, The Queen; a rosy, crown-jewel, cerise-pink, all inspired by my love of the Monarchy! I’ve also created five new shades of my world-famous Lip Cheats, because lip liners are every woman’s secret to fuller, wider, perfected lips in seconds.

Is there anyone you haven’t worked with that you’d love to?

The Queen!

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Who inspires you when it comes to makeup?

Inspiration comes to me in many different ways. I have a mix of creatives, visionaries and rule breakers that I look to for inspiration. From Helena Rubinstein, Coco Chanel and Walt Disney, to Steve Jobs, Winston Churchill and Estee Lauder… the list goes on. I also always get inspired by NEED – necessity is the mother of all invention [Plato]. I am always thinking within the remit of how do I find a solution to problems. Whether it is to do with concealing imperfections or re-emitting light to more flattering angles of the face, making an eye palette easy to use through control pressing the powders or sculpting celebrity limbs without going to the gym.

I am constantly looking for ways to make the lives of all women that little bit easier. When it comes to colour, I take inspiration from the world around me, I’ve been inspired by sunsets in Ibiza and various locations abroad (My Beach Sticks in Moon Beach, Las Salinas, and Matte Revolution in Shanghai Nights etc.) or even flawless textures that catch my eye on the way to work. Life informs my ideas constantly!

Images courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury

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