16 September, 2015

In the mooooo-d for Cowshed!

16 September, 2015

Feel fresh and fabulous with Cowshed’s truly terrific products!

Living in Hong Kong during the summer is literally like living in a green house. It’s hot, humid and sticky… you can’t walk five minutes without being drenched in sweat. So we take any opportunity we can to get into a cold shower, whether it’s at the gym or when we get home from work. If you want to make sure you stay feeling fresh and fabulous in the sweltering HK heat, then make sure you add Cowshed products to your bathroom line up!

Not heard of Cowshed? Well get up to speed, because some of the girls in our Sassy office just can’t get enough of this quintessentially British brand. Founded over 16 years ago in the actual old cowshed of English country estate, Babington House, Cowshed has products that will fit your mood no matter what. And we mean that quite literally. Cowshed has specially created an extensive ‘mood menu’ of products that use different 100% pure essential oils to suit how you’re feeling or what you need. If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, then the ‘Knackered Cow’ blend of Lavender and Eucalyptus will soothe you. Need a break from busy city life? The ‘Lazy Cow’ combo of Chamomile, Jasmine and Sandalwood is sure to help you unwind.


What about those days when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? We’re all guilty of being a bit of a (dare we say it!)Grumpy Cow’ before our first coffee in the morning. Well, Cowshed has you covered there too with a zesty blend of Mandarin Red and Grapefruit that will perk you right up. And that’s not all – if you’re in the mood for love then the cheekily named ‘Horny Cow’ with its infusion of Vanilla, Rose Otto and Sandalwood will certainly get you feeling amorous… make sure you check out the full range to find the scent that suits you perfectly. Not only do these different fragrances match your moods, but all of them are so gentle and wonderful for sensitive skin. They’re free of ‘nasties’ such as parabens, sulphates, synthetic frangrances and dyes, so you know these natural beauty products are a must-have in your home. Snap up these playful bathroom goodies exclusively at the Four Seasons Hong Kong Spa now!

Cowshed products are exclusively available at the Four Seasons Hong Kong Spa and at the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse in the HKG Airport, 3196-8900, www.facebook.com/Cowshed

Brought to you in partnership with Cowshed
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