17 August, 2015
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What makes a house a home – we head to the Upper House to find out!

17 August, 2015

Stellar food, large rooms and service with a smile make the Upper House a hotel that guests call home.

Everyone loves coming home. Fact. Whether it’s at the end of a busy day, after a long run outdoors, or in the small hours of the morning after a hectic night out in Hong Kong. Home is where the heart is. That’s why, despite having a fantastic time on holidays, I always look forward to crawling into my own bed, sitting on my own comfy couch and enjoying the familiarity of everything I know and love. It’s nearly impossible for hotels to mimic the sense of comfort and cosiness of your own place… nearly.


But, there’s a boutique hotel in Hong Kong that cracks this cliché… and that’s the Upper House in Admiralty. There are a million reasons that I have an ongoing love affair with the house and the people that work there. I’ve hosted and attended events on the lawn (including our Sassy wedding section launch party) conducted Sassy photoshoots all around the house (check out our Net-a-Porter and That Girl shoots) had fabulous breakfasts, lunches and dinners at Cafe Gray Deluxe and celebrated birthdays, baby showers, engagements, weddings and so many more life-changing events in this boutique hotel that really is more of a home than a house.


So what is it that keeps me and so many other people coming back for more and what is it that makes this house a home? I headed to Trip Advisor to find out because in my opinion honesty is the best policy. So don’t just take my word for it – the most trusted travel company in the world has lots of reviews on the house and here are a few of my favourites.

11427797_846907025364884_1683899618026335523_n1. Family-friendly facilities 
“Me, my husband and my daughter had a blast at our recent stay in Hong Kong, thanks to The Upper House. From baby powder to chocolate milk and a warm welcome, the staff are truly the best! I’ve never experienced hospitality like what these guys had given.” – Jacknoy, Philippines

2. Beautiful, unrivalled views of Hong Kong
“The Upper house is not a hotel, it is a home away from home. Designed by world famous Andre Fu to be a place of residential calmness. The Upper House has certainly done it’s job.” – Pigmicwong, Hong Kong

3. Convenient location, reliable internet and stellar service
“The first time we chose this hotel was because of its great location and excellent rating and review on the Internet. The second time we stayed was because of the wonderful service we experienced during our first stay.” – Erica Slho, Hong Kong

4. VIP access to Hong Kong’s hottest spots
“This was probably our 8th time at The Upper House and we return to TUH because we love the service. But this time, it exceeded all our expectations. We had been trying for over 2 years to get a reservation at this Cantonese restaurant and they managed to secure a table for us.” – Parsley88, Singapore

5. Large rooms and complimentary snacks
“The rooms are amazing in the size they are and also the comfort, you feel like you are in a proper flat/apartment let alone a hotel room, smaller details of teas, snacks, beverages which are all complimentary are fantastic as you normally get charged for all of these.”– Tom A, United Kingdom

11169872_821996491189271_1943802501014136327_n6. Friendly and professional staff who really care
“I Came here to see my friend who was staying in the Upper House recently. We went to the Cafe Gray Bar lounge and we were immediately greeted by the waiter. The drinks were superb! And the service was just excellent.”Julienz901, New York 


There you have it, a sample of six awesome reviews of The Upper House in Hong Kong and if you want to check out Sassy’s review too, you can read it right here. We’re currently coveting the Christian Louboutin Nail Library x Upper House special offer and you can check out more about this fabulous fashionable package here. P.S. Another reason to love it is because it’s THE hotel choice for celebs in Hong Kong, so you might spot Victoria Beckham or the Backstreet Boys during your next trip – now that makes it larger than life!

Sassy Special OfferThe Upper House are offering Sassy Girls a complimentary “Juice Me Up” or “Top Me Up” Cocktail if they book ‘Brunch As You Wish’ in advance for Saturday or Sunday and quote ‘SASSYLOVESCAFEGRAYDELUXE’ at the time of booking. This offer only applies to parties of six or less and bookings must be made by 15, September 2015 to avail of this offer.

The Upper House, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong, 2918 1838, www.upperhouse.com

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