Hot or Not: Grape-Coloured Hair

This week is a little hair-raising at Sassy – if you’re on our mailing list (sign up via the “Be In the Know” box on our homepage if you’re not), you’ll soon be finding out why! We’ve been considering some fairly dramatic makeovers, and my “If only I were brave enough” favourite style has to be Kelly Osbourne at the Oscars after-parties this year. Apart from the fact that the dress is AMAZING – literally my perfect perfect dream dress, and bearing more than a little similarity to my wedding dress, the sparkly Louboutins and great jewellery, it’s all about that hair. I remember fondly my experimental days with Sun-In and crazy wash-in wash-out semi-permanent colours that promised to make your hair “warm burgundy” or “soft plum”, but which actually just made your hair a “bit pink” or a “bit purple”. I never managed to get my hair anywhere near this fabulous shade, which can only be called Grape. It makes Kelly’s usually pale skin tone glow, and she just looks like she’s having so much fun with it – especially running off with Figure Skater, Johnny Weir.

On the downside, it possibly won’t look so good dressed down – there’s the potential that it could look a teensy bit senior citizen as it has a slightly grey-ish cast to it, but as it seems like grey is actually quite a hot colour right now, perhaps that’s not such a bad thing.

What do you think? Hot or not?

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