Hong Kong's Premier Beauty and Body Therapist

If you are looking for Hong Kong’s best body and beauty therapist, look no further. Meet Dolma from Salon Chandler!

In her role as beauty and body therapist at the Chandler Salon, Dolma brings a wealth of experience and a passionate dedication to her art. Above all, Dolma values strong client relationship and treats both new faces and long standing clients with the same level of attention, courtesy, and humour.

Dolma specialises in waxing, especially the Brazilian, and is also an outstanding masseuse. She strives to ensure her clients are comfortable at all times and that their therapy experience is at the highest of standards.

Born in Tibet, Dolma spent a good deal of her early career in Dubai where she trained with the best salons and worked with the leaders in her field. An undisputed career highlight was taking on the role as personal beautician to the royal family. Since 1997 Dolma has been based permanently in Hong Kong and has worked at many premier spas including Renewal, Park View and The Firm. She eagerly brings her skill and experience to Chandler.

To book an appointment with Dolma:
T: 2537-3737
14th Floor. Tak Woo House
17-19 D’Aguilar Street, Central
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