7 January, 2020
The Biggest Home & Interiors Trends For 2020
The Biggest Home & Interiors Trends For 2020
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These Are Set To Be The Biggest Home & Interiors Trends For 2020

7 January, 2020
The Biggest Home & Interiors Trends For 2020

We’ve taken our cue from Pinterest searches, to let you know what are set to be the top home trends for 2020. 

2020 is not only the start of a New Year, but the start of a whole new decade. And while “New Year, New Me” mantras but be a little cliché, we’re all for giving our apartments a slight revamp to ring in the New Year. We’ve taken our cue from Pinterest’s recently-revealed list of the top 100 trends to inspire and try in 2020. From bringing the outdoors in, to waste-free living and colourful décor inspo, keep reading to find out the top home and interiors trends for the year ahead.

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Thrifty Home Décor

Searches on Pinterest for thrifted home décor are up by a whopping 308%. And we’re on board with this trend for multiple reasons. Not only should it help save money, but it can also help to keep furniture out of landfills and reduce waste. Plus, vintage pieces are sure to be way more unique and personal than the same old IKEA furniture that everyone has.

2020 home trends Low-Waste Living & Product Swaps

Low-Waste Living & Product Swaps

Another trend that we can well and truly get behind, searches for low-waste living were up by 446%. With zero-waste and bulk-buy stores in Hong Kong on the rise, this trend has been gaining popularity in recent years and we’re more than happy to see this continuing. Another eco trend that’s on the rise is product swaps – with searches up 172%. Swapping single use for re-usable is now the norm for many of us, and this trend shows a growing effort to live a little greener.

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Feng Shui Décor

We think that the New Year is the perfect time to de-stress and re-energise your living space – and we’re clearly not alone, with searches for feng shui décor up by 137%! Easy ways to improve feng shui are tidying up, clearing clutter and adding a little more green to your space.

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2020 home trends Garden Room and Indoor Microgreens

Garden Room and Indoor Microgreens

You don’t have to twist our arm to get us to buy more house plants! We’re forever making trips to the Flower Market and adding easy-to-keep additions to our home. Searches for Garden Rooms are up by 104% – and though we may not have room for a whole indoor greenhouse in our tiny apartments, we can never say no to adding an extra hanging basket…

Another trend for the green-fingered amongst us to get on board with is indoor microgreens – searches for which were up 223%. Even if you don’t have room for big plants, you can always squeeze a few pots of fresh herbs onto a windowsill. Ideal for adding to both sauces and gin & tonics.

Dog Patios

One for the dog lovers out there, dog patios are apparently going to be a thing in 2020. Perfect for Hong Kong dog owners that are forever searching for grassy patches for their furry friends; those who are lucky enough to have outdoor space can get all the inspo they need to transform your terrace into a dog-friendly oasis.

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2020 home trends Outdoor Bars

Outdoor Bars

If you don’t have a dog, but do have an outdoor space, be sure to search Pinterest for some outdoor bar inspiration. Searches are up 2,795%, featuring ideas for DIY bars aplenty. Great for entertaining at home before the humidity hits.

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Indian Living Rooms

We’re all for adding more colour and personality to our spaces. Especially with rental homes that on are the smaller side, no matter how long you’re in your home for, it’s important to make it feel like yours. The trend for Indian-style living rooms is on the rise, with searches up by 2,080%. Think bright colours, eclectic patterns and eye-catching accents.

Featured image via Getty, image 1 courtesy of Anna Oliinyk via Unsplash, image 2 courtesy of Rumman Amin via Unsplash, image 3 courtesy of Emma Bauso via Pexels.

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