Thoughtful and Practical Gifts to Bring Your Host

27 November, 2017
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Thoughtful and Practical Gifts to Bring Your Host

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You’ve been invited over for a nice home-cooked meal by a friend. So to show your appreciation of their hospitality, you would like to bring a gift. But what should you bring? While there are plenty of gift options to choose from, the hard part is coming up with something that the host doesn’t already have and something they will use. After all, we want it to be meaningful (even if it may be slightly last minute!). We’ve come up with a variety of one-of-a-kind gifts that your host will love and be able to use time and time again!

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Featured image sourced via getty images, image #1 courtesy of Flower Frenzy, image #2 courtesy of The Lion Rock Press, image #3 courtesy of Pinyin Press, image #4 courtesy of iDecorate, image #5 courtesy of Design Your Own Wine via Facebook,  image #6 courtesy of Shopbop, image #7 courtesy of Regency Spices, image #8 courtesy of Gifts Less Ordinary, image #9 courtesy of Choco Choco Fine Chocolates

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Unique Floral Arrangements by Flower Frenzy

An oldie but a goodie, you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous bunch of fresh flowers! With heaps of different floral arrangements and styles to choose from, Flower Frenzy has spent time ensuring that there is a bouquet fit for even the choosiest of hosts. Pair your peonies with indulgent chocolates or your tulips with a teddy bear and luxury day spa voucher (yes please!), or chat online with its passionate customer service team to curate the perfect present. Left it to the last minute (we get it, it’s a busy time of year!) Flower Frenzy offer same day delivery, Hong Kong wide if you order before midday.

Flower Frenzy,, prices vary between $300 – $900

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Hong Kong Skyline Candle by The Lion Rock Press

We’re obsessed with this city we call home and we love that we can share a little piece of it with our loved ones. 100% natural soy wax and encased in gorgeous rose gold, we’re transfixed with the way this candle lights up in the dark.

Available online here from The Lion Rock Press for $250

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Dumpling Salt and Pepper Shakers by Pinyin Press

Let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good Xiaolongbao? This cute salt and pepper set is the perfect table top addition in any home. It’s even gifted in a bamboo steamer!

Available online here for USD 27.50 (approx $220)

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Zodiac Shot Glass Set from iDecorate

Perfect for getting the party started (a drop of tequila, anyone?) or as a sweet memento,these beautifully crafted zodiac shot glasses are sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

Available online here for $1,085

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Design Your Own Wine

Who doesn’t love wine!? Well this engraved wine bottle will make your gift of wine so much more meaningful. Just choose your wine, send the image in and Design Your Own Wine does the rest! This is definitely an elevated vino gift – perfect for your friends who are wine aficionados.

Available online here from $188

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Merci! Wine Bags

If you were already planning on gifting your host with some wine, then these wine bags are the perfect way to add a little somethin’-somethin’ to your host’s favourite bottle of wine! And the best part is they can save the bag for future wine carrying purposes!

Available online from Shopbop for $141

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Regency Spices Mystery Spice Box Assortment

For the friend that loves cooking, give them the gift of these adorable spice bags with freshly ground spices, including one house-made blend. You can gift them with 5, 8, 12, 20 or even 50 jars (if you’re really feeling generous!). This gift will really spice up their pantry and if you’re lucky enough to be invited back, they’ll probably be cooking with them the next time you’re graced with their cooking! #winwin

Available online here from $100


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Personalised Bottle Opener

This is certainly no ordinary gift – this personalised bottle opener is a great way to gift the host who also loves cracking open ice-cold beers. Wrapped in brown leather with a tag that you can engrave a message on to, this is definitely a unique gift. It’s useful, thoughtful and a nice way to show your host that you appreciated the invite to their home.

Available online here for $774

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A Nice Box of Chocolates

Bring some extra sweetness in to the host’s day with this beautiful box of chocolates from Choco Choco Fine Chocolate. Each chocolate within the box has a different colourful design on top. They also taste just as good as they look!

Available online here for $258

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