3 June, 2010
Eat & Drink

Help me drink water!

3 June, 2010

I consider myself pretty healthy. I am active and believe that moderation is the key to maintaining a happy and healthy weight. I do struggle with one very important area though – I am utterly terrible when it comes to drinking water. So much so, that I literally do not know how I survive as I hardly ever drink it. I have been an athlete for the majority of my life so you would think the token 8 glasses a day would be pretty much ingrained in me but alas it is not.

I feel as if everyone around me is addicted to water and can’t seem to get enough of it and I know how important it is so I am really going to try to make an effort to start hydrating myself. Lately I have been a bit better and when I work out as I have been carrying a pretty aluminum water bottle and I do think I have been sipping more then usual but as soon as my workout is done there is hardly a droplet of water that passes through my lips.

I found some very simple tips below that I am going to start incorporating into my daily routine but if I am pleading with you to pass on any others that would help me out.

For me, I think the best way to start off is with structured activities so as of today I will:

– Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning
– Drink a glass right before I go to bed
– Drink a bottle of water on the way to the gym
– Drink a bottle of water while I am at the gym
– Drink a bottle of water after my workout
– Drink half a glass before I shower and the other half after I get out.

It is not quite the 8 but it is getting pretty close. Here is hoping that I can stick to this for more than 1 day!

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