12 October, 2018
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3 Reasons Why Practicing Yoga is Worth Your Time

12 October, 2018

Despite busy schedules and never ending to-do lists, yoga is becoming more ingrained in Hong Kong’s culture

Whether you’re doing a classic Hatha or exploring one of the more unique offshoots like Dog Yoga, there’s no denying the fact that yoga practice is on the rise, and shows no sign of slowing down. Haven’t hopped onto a yoga mat yet? Here are three reasons why you should move away from your desk and into downward dog.

  1.     Physical Fitness

One of the biggest reasons more and more people are taking up yoga is the pure physical benefit of the practice. Have you tried to hover your body two inches above the ground? It’s much harder than it looks! Yoga is a wonderful full body workout that tones and tightens your muscles, and with just a few weeks of regular practice your poses will naturally feel slightly more effortless. There’s a huge amount of self satisfaction that comes with physical achievement – whether yours is simply touching your toes or holding Sirsa Padasana (a head to foot pose that looks like it may break bones). Regular movement keeps your heart and body happy and healthy! Find a studio like Pure Yoga, which has a variety of classes on offer for a wide range of fitness levels, so you can book in the best classes for your fitness goals.

  1. Mindfulness

Hong Kong is a notoriously fast paced city, so it’s no surprise that professionals in the city barely take any time for themselves. Popping into a quick lunchtime yoga class, like Pure Yoga’s “Yoga for Office Workers” class – targeted to help busy office workers relax the mind and restore the body – ensures that you will give yourself at least half an hour away from your desk. That quiet time to reflect and energize is actually proven to increase productivity! In fact, majority of team Sassy are have made it a habit to fit in a workout session in, whether it’s in the morning, over lunch or after work. You may just spot us frantically pacing it to Pure, and we can vouch that our mindset feels significantly calmer, clearer and composed after hour in the studio.

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  1.     Stress Relief

Regardless of what field you work in, there’s no doubt you carry some stress throughout your day. So why not leave it behind for an hour and focus on your body and your breathing through an energizing Vinyasa flow at the studio? By putting 100% of your focus on moving through the postures, you’ll be able to let your mind relax from the stressors that may be plaguing your day. Couple your practice with Pranayama or Meditation class and you’ll practically feel your stress melt away.

Piqued your interest? Head down to Pure Yoga’s newest Star Street location to test out the benefits for yourself. With 20,000 square feet worth of space dedicated to your wellbeing, you’ll be sure to find something you like – whether it’s the over 30 different styles of yoga taught by the experienced professionals, or the first nood food café to serve made-to-order wraps and brunch options designed to nourish your body. And if you feel like your closet needs an upgrade to match your new zen levels, it’s also stocked with Pure Apparel’s newest range of activewear, clothes so comfortable that you may want to live in them.

Sassy Perk: As a special perk for Sassy readers, Pure Yoga is offering a seven day trial at any of the 21 Pure locations, so you have no excuse to give it a shot! Sign up for your trial here.

To learn more about classes, schedules and Pure Yoga’s programmes, call 8200 8208

Pure Yoga, www.pure-yoga.com/hongkong

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