23 June, 2015

Ginger Renewal treatment with Kerstin Florian at Chuan Spa!

23 June, 2015

The constant, hectic pace of Hong Kong can end up getting to you. The ‘city never sleeps’ mentality often results in many of us actually not catching enough zzz’s, and burning out before we have the chance to get to our next brunch or business meeting… It may sound cheesy, but that’s why it’s so important to genuinely schedule in ‘me’ time and give yourself the chance to unwind and recharge. And what better place to do that than a relaxing, tranquil spa?

Chuan Spa ginger renewal treatment lobby

Set above the bustling crowds of Mong Kok at the Langham, Chuan Spa literally seems a world away from the frenetic buzz below. After hopping over from Sassy HQ in Sheung Wan on the sardine-packed MTR, I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped into the lobby, which exudes a calm and zen-like atmosphere. I was there to try the Ginger Renewal treatment, a brand new head-to-toe massage and scrub that uses only Kerstin Florian products – a result of a recent collaboration between Chuan Spa and this luxury skincare and beauty brand.

chuan spa ginger renewal treatment corner

After sipping on some warm ginger tea in the contemplation corner, filling out a consultation form and admiring the impressive view of sprawling Kowloon and the sea, I made my way to changing rooms and slipped into the spa robes. Underneath the changing rooms the treatment rooms are very private and luxurious, and my therapist was very professional, guiding me through what was going to happen as I settled in.

The 90-minute treatment started with a refreshing full body exfoliation. Using ginger infused hydrating mineral salts, my therapist gently scrubbed my legs and arms, and I was happy to find that these special salts didn’t require you the shower. This made me feel much more relaxed, as I knew I wouldn’t have to get up and awkwardly fumble my way towards the spa shower before. It’s the ideal scrub for someone who really wants to lie back and zone out!

Chuan Spa ginger renewal treatment massage

After the invigorating scrub, I was treated to a back, neck and shoulder massage using organic ginger oil from Kerstin Florian. The mix of ginger, coriander and plai essential oils was really refreshing yet soothing, helping to warm and relax my muscles. The massage (which was perfect for me – not too hard, and not too soft) was followed by healing hot stones. To finish up the treatment, my therapist used a nourishing wrap and ended on a foot and pressure point scalp massage.

Chuan Spa ginger renewal treatment Relaxation Room

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my ginger renewal treatment at Chuan Spa. The ginger left my skin feeling silky soft and was so refreshing, but I still managed to drift off to sleep at the end (a sure sign that I felt very relaxed and at ease!). After the treatment I was treated to tea and fresh fruits in the appropriately titled ‘Relaxation Room’ and I honestly felt rejuvenated and ready to take on the rest of the week. I would definitely head back to Chuan Spa for a luxurious escape from city life… the holistic approach to the treatments are based on traditional Chinese medicine principles, so you know you’ll come up feeling revitalised in body and mind.

The Ginger Renewal Treatment costs $1,745 for 90 minutes.

Chuan Spa, Level 41, Langham Place, 555 Shanghai Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 3552 3510www.chuanspa.com.hk. For reservations, call 3552 3510 or email [email protected].


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