12 January, 2010

Getting Ourselves Organazized

12 January, 2010

Getting organized in the Sassy style basically means buying lots of cool things to make your desk look pretty! Surrounding yourself with beautiful or amusing things, even if you’re stuck in a nondescript cubicle will brighten up your day. There’s no reason why everything should be grey and miserable just because it’s January. Here’s our pick of the most fun desk accessories around the web! 

To begin, we’re just a little bit in love with the new OPI (nail varnish) collaboration with Dell computers – choose your signature shade, such as Louvre to Louvre You above, or my personal standby favourite, Kyoto Pearl. I know that Natalie would choose Lincoln Park After Dark, and Maura might go for Suzie Skis in the Pyrenees. Just imagine how much more enjoyable it will make typing to know that your nails match your computer!

One you have your fancy new computer, you’re going to need a fun case to store it in – no bulky laptop bags for you! Pat Says Now has a fun range of designs, including this Louis XIV design which is so crisp and fresh looking.

This gorgeous cherry blossomed mouse (also from Pat Says Now) is the perfect accessory. Click click. The day will just fly by.

A modern alternative to the traditional in and out-trays are these “In”, “Out” and “Limbo” folders from See Jane Work. I know my Limbo folder would be stuffed to bursting as I always have a huge pile of things sitting on my desk that don’t really have a home.

Another cute folder proclaims your new year’s resolution so that it stays at the top of your mind!

Finally, a huge part of being organized for me is to have everything I need for a fast fix at hand – a little sewing kit, hair spray, clear elastics, deodorant wipes, dental wipes and tampons are just a couple of the emergency essentials the “Shemergency Survival Kit” contains. Keep one in your top drawer at work, or get a couple to give to girlfriends as gifts – you’ll be calm and collected if any mishaps occur, and you won’t have to run out of the office at a moment’s notice.

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