17 December, 2014

Baby soft skin with the Four Seasons’ latest Facial!

17 December, 2014

As a playgroup teacher, I am always envious of my student’s plump, soft skin. So when I saw that the Four Seasons Spa offered a Biologique Recherche facial that promised baby-like skin, I couldn’t resist. The new treatment targets those with a jet set lifestyle, (er, who doesn’t in this city!?) and its range of Vernix 3R products aim to give you and your skin a serious boost. A self-professed Four Seasons Spa fan, (for me, it beats the likes of the Mandarin Oriental and Bliss Spa at the W Hotel hands down!) I was thrilled to return and excited to try this new treatment.

Arriving an hour prior to my appointment, I happily donned a dressing gown to make full use of the facilities which include a luxurious jacuzzi, steam room and sauna. I also sampled some extremely yummy juices and nibbled on nuts and fruit before being escorted to my harbour-facing treatment room. I was already in heaven!


While bathing my feet, my therapist, Sharon, talked through the stages of the 90 minute facial, which would include some deep cleansing and moisturising via targeted and essential serums, and a rejuvenating mask. There was also an electrolysis machine in the room but Sharon informed me this would not be necessary for a first session. 

After a quick consultation, whereby Sharon identified my skin type, (classic combination, oily in areas, dry in others) she got to work on the first step: cleansing. Her movements were fluid and smooth throughout and the pressure was perfect.


The ultra-hydrating Serum 3R, one of the facial’s star products, did wonders for my skin. Sharon worked on one side of my face first and showed me the difference. The product had worked its magic, plumping and smoothing out my skin so that it was visibly more lifted compared with the other side. I was very impressed.

The Crème Masque Vernix followed and was accompanied by an invigorating head massage, which I thoroughly appreciated as there is nothing worse than being ditched whilst wearing a leave-on mask. Some additional serum was finally applied to help my fine lines and pigmentation (I have a few freckles) which gave my skin some much need nourishment. As Sharon lifted my chair and brought me back to the real world, I felt incredibly relaxed, my skin looked noticeably healthier and it felt amazingly soft and smooth.

four seasons

That being said, this facial will not be for everyone. For one thing, 90 minutes is a looooong time – towards the end I was getting pretty fidgety and desperate for the loo! The product also doesn’t smell great (my boyfriend informed me I smelt like vegetables!), it’s also not cheap and when Sharon recommended I come back for a follow up in 11 days, I thought that was a little extreme even for the most stringent skincare mistress.


Overall, I cannot fault the Four Seasons for its service and experience. For me, every detail from the lighting in the jacuzzi, to the perfectly soft dressing gowns is spot on and this treatment did make an immediate difference to my skin. But the real test was the baby skin comparison! The following day I asked a fellow teacher, but they assured me that while my face felt very soft and supple, nothing beats real baby skin. 

The Vernix 3R facial is priced at $2,200 on weekdays and $2,400 from Friday to Sunday. The Crème Masque Vernix is sold for $1,760 at The Four Seasons Spa.

The Four Seasons Spa, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong, 3196 8888, www.fourseasons.com/hongkong/spa

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