13 September, 2010

Foot on Queen’s Road Central

13 September, 2010

One of the things I have missed so much about being pregnant is not being able to head to Happy Foot whenever I like for my usual dose of tootsie pampering. Wisdom holds that reflexology massage on sensitive pressure points around the heel on pregnant women can actually stimulate labour, meaning it’s a bit of a no-no during the delicate first trimester. I chose to abstain from foot massages until well into my third trimester, but do know of girls who had foot massages regularly the whole way through with absolutely no ill effects, so I would venture to say that if you go to a good massage place and tell your therapist you’re preggers, you won’t be putting yourself at risk and they’ll avoid any sensitive areas.

Maura and I decided to break our usual habit of Happy Foot and head to Foot instead on Queen’s Road, which had come very highly recommended by the girls in my pre-natal fitness class at Pure, and which is also featured in the new edition of the Hong Kong Luxe Guide. With the perfect location on Queen’s Road Central right by H&M, we were happy to first give our feet a little bit of a workout with some shopping and then head up to the 8th Floor of the Regent Centre to pamper ourselves!

The entrance to Foot definitely feels more premium than that of Happy Foot (though not 6 star as they describe on their website!), with a quiet reception area, pleasant bathrooms and a welcoming check-in. The prices though were significantly higher than Happy Foot at HK250 for 50 minutes (Happy Foot is HK180) and there aren’t initially any unique selling points like newcomer Dragonfly’s pillow menu and innovative decor, so we began to wonder what justified their rates. When we were shown through to our room though we began to understand – Foot is HUGE! There are absolutely tons of private rooms with varying numbers of chairs, including one larger room which looked to have around 10 chairs in it. As the whole place is carpeted it feels very quiet and soothing, and even though it is so large you feel relaxed and calm and that your private room is your own little world.

By your chair is a little bottle of Watson’s Water (we weren’t offered tea), and they provided us with enough trashy US magazines to keep us very happy. The massage itself seemed like a step up from Happy Foot with great firm, and unusually began with the shoulder and neck part and then did the feet last which set us up for being more relaxed. Our private room was very nicely decorated, and we weren’t rushed out but were left to get ready again calmly before making our way out.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Foot if you are seeking a slightly more upmarket experience than Happy Foot, which still won’t break the bank and if you want to be sure of having a private room for your massage as they have so many.

Foot, 8/F Regent Centre, 88 Queen’s Road Central, 2997 7138

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