4 February, 2010

FLORZ Jewelry

4 February, 2010

If you haven’t hear of FLORZ jewelry then you must look at her work and we have to warn you – you will have to act fast! Hester and I recently met Florence the designer behind FLORZ and instantly fell in love with her one of a kind pieces. Upon drooling over her beautiful bracelets and necklaces Florence told us she was moving to Germany and while we are excited about her new adventure we are sad that her pieces are leaving Hong Kong!

I have been coveting the below necklace and it has been on my mind ever since I tried it on! I was told that I should wear more brown tones so I am thinking that this is an essential must have for my wardrobe. I have been trying my best to hold off but every time I look at it, it seems to be calling my name!

Hester tried on this necklace which I also think is so great. The colours of the necklace looked great with her blond hair and light skin tone. I think this necklace has such a rocker chic feel to it yet it is still feminine at the same time.

FLORZ also has really cool earrings and even though they may not look it they are so incredibly light. The prices of her pieces are not out of this world and they are definitely statement pieces where you will find yourself wearing again and again.

FLORZ will be having a very special sale next Wednesday (10 February) at The Brunch Club in Causeway Bay. You should check it out because she will be showcasing her designs from her collections (both previous and new). The items are unique and only available in limited quantities (like one!) per piece so you can be sure you will have something unique if you make a purchase. Cash and cheque are the only forms of payment so hit the ATM before going!

What: FLORZ mini sale
When: Wednesday 10th February
Time: 6:30pm -8:30pm
Where: Brunch Club & Supper, 1st floor, 13 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay
Special Deal: 20% off any item in the previous collection

You can also find FLORZ at Asian Artworks Gallery in Repulse Bay or check out her website as we have heard she can ship any order to Hong Kong!

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