13 October, 2015

Festival Friendly Fairy Tale Fashion for Secret Island Party!

13 October, 2015

This weekend, Secret Island Party is back for round five, and I’m so excited it’s silly. Get your floral garlands at the ready girls, because this year we are channelling folklore, fables & fairy tales. But before you whip out your ball gown, take a minute to seriously consider your choice. There aren’t many characters who could cut it at a real life festival. Think of Cinderella and her glass slippers. Now think of the blisters. Gosh, it’s almost tear-worthy. Luckily for you I’ve compiled a list of the top five festival friendly fairy tales to ensure that your weekend is a happily-ever-after style affair.


Alice in Wonderland

Bursting at the seams with colourful, festival friendly outfits, Alice in Wonderland is the perfect fairy tale for us. You could be a plucky little rabbit in a smart tweed jacket, the glamorous Queen of Hearts, or Alice herself in a cute blue number. Come to think of it, the Mad Hatter might just take the biscuit as the most festival friendly character. Everybody loves a fun accessory – no place more so than at a festival. Well Bob’s your uncle. Start sprucing up your hat collection ladies, because their time to shine is just around the corner. I’m thinking top hats, ribbons and (of course) copious amounts of glitter.


Little Red Riding Hood

Want to stand out from the crowd? A cute red cape ought to do the trick. Now, I’ll be honest, I don’t know where one would go shopping for a red cape in Hong Kong (Pottinger Street would be my best guess) – but fashioning one out of a bed sheet is basically the same thing. Leaning more towards a weekend of comfort? Well, I recall darling Granny wearing a very fetching nightie and bed cap.


The Three Little Pigs

I’m pretty sure these little guys wore dungarees… which are both adorable and festival friendly. Add a red and white cloth on a stick, pop it on your shoulder, and you’re all set. You could go the whole hog and fashion a pig nose out of egg box, but if the sun is shining you run the risk of a circular white patch in the middle of your face. This will be no fun in the office on Monday morning.


The Little Mermaid

Whilst we are on the topic of glorious sunshine (my fingers are firmly crossed), the Little Mermaid is a winner if catching some rays is high on your list of priorities. A shell bikini and sequins-a-plenty ought to do the trick. You might have to ditch the tail though. I imagine it will be quite a hindrance when walking, dancing, sitting down, standing up … moving in general really. Although, you’ll be in your element if you decide to take a dip in the sea!


The Ugly Duckling

This promises to be a spectacular two day transformation. More a performance than a costume. Day one – sport some dowdy grey clothes and a sorry expression. Day two – emerge dramatically from your tent as a glorious vision of white swan-like beauty. Maintaining a pure white appearance may be a ridiculous notion at a festival, but my feather obsession is causing all logical thought to melt away.


See you there girls! And remember, if all else fails, The Emperor’s New Clothes is a fairy tale which requires no shopping at all.

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