30 March, 2010

Fantasy Shopping at Topshop

30 March, 2010
I was soooo excited to learn that Topshop ships to Hong Kong now – I’ve had a full “shopping basket” online for a couple of days, just waiting for me to get up the nerve to grab my credit card and hit “buy”. I’ve been trying to explain my love for Topshop to Natalie and Maura, but even though Maura has been to the New York store, I can see their eyes glazing over! I guess it’s like how American girls feel about Forever 21 or J. Crew, though for some reason  those stores don’t seem to inspire rants like Topshop does… Anyway, in order to prove my love for Topshop to them, I’m going fantasy shopping… for them!

First of all we’re starting with Natalie, who has a very flowy, bohemian style, with a little bit of love for glitz and glamour which I think must come from her Miami roots! This palm-tree printed top will be perfect layered over a white tank and white trousers, with her arms laden with her favourite bangles. Plus the palm trees will make her feel right at home, no?

Next up, I’m combining Natalie’s love for a good bold print, with her love of maxi dresses… It’s perhaps a little grungier than she’d usually go for, but I still think she’ll like it. She might pop a colourful bandeau top underneath for day time wearing around the city. 
Finally, I’m going to confess I’m living vicariously through this pick! If I were 5ft 10, I’d definitely be trying out these super-edgy gladiators. With elastic straps, they look pretty comfy too. I’d persuade her to pop them on with the maxi dress. Now for Maura, my first pick is this structured naval-inspired jacket. I’ve chosen this as Maura is currently mourning the loss of her favourite wear-it-with-everything black blazer which she lost during a heavy night out at M1NT on Friday somehow seems to have misplaced. She can wear this with jeans and a white T underneath, or over a pretty summer frock to give it a bit of a more dressy look.
Secondly, as Maura is one of the only girls I know who actually looks good in body-con styles, I’m choosing this graphic-printed skirt as she usually tends to gravitate towards more subtle prints or block colours. I’m thinking it will go with the new bold and bright hair cut she’s getting on Wednesday, and her hot pink Raybans for an 80s inspired look!
Finally, I’m picking out this little polka-dotted playsuit which I think is just soooo adorable. She might find the bows on the pockets a little too fussy, but this will be her summer staple with white accessories and towering wedges. Now, lest you think this is a purely selfless exercise of helping out my BFFs (not likely!)… here are my own faves! I am in love with this flirty silk empire-line top. Looking just enough like lingerie to be sexy, it’s perfect for an evening out worn with dark denim.

Next up for little old me would be this rose-decorated chain necklace which could give a bit of girly pizzazz to a plain cotton frock. Even though it’s super-girly, I like to think the chains stop it from being too sickeningly sweet?

Finally, I love these jewel-embellished sandals in this summer’s must-have colour, “blush”, which of course the fashion media is trying desperately to persuade us is somehow different from beige. Whatever, I guess I’ve been sucked in as this is definitely my favourite look for the upcoming season… 

Shipping seems to be around 10GBP per order, which is about HK$116, so you might as well try to join up with some friends if you’re going to place an order. I’m interested to see whether the girls will like my picks for them – while you can know your friend’s style pretty well, people always surprise you!

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