17 February, 2011

Facials at Zeta Clinic

17 February, 2011

My feet will never complain about the amount of time I pamper them as I am utterly addicted to foot massages. My face on the other hand could use tons more love and attention. Yes, I know, the key to staying young (in appearance at least) is to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize but for some reason I lack the motivation to smother my face with night cream every evening before bed. So, I have very easily convinced myself that I need to rely on facials to help keep my skin gleaming and hydrated. Since I can’t pamper myself at high end spas on a regular basis (wouldn’t that be nice!) I need another alternative that I can go to every so often to make sure my face is being treated kindly and gently.

Being a Central/Mid-Levels girl I was excited to get an invite to Zeta Clinic in Causeway Bay because I seriously need to kick my stay close to home habit. Zeta Clinic has a number of locations in Shanghai and one location here in Hong Kong. Their Hong Kong location is located in Sino Plaza, which by the way has a number of stores that are definitely worth a pop in and look see. Zeta Clinic is located on the 9th floor and it consists of 3,000 square feet of spa space. The view from their reception room is beautiful as it overlooks the harbour and they have a number of private and then 1 special couples room for when you want to treat your loved one to some pampering as well.

After a quick analysis of my face it was determined that I needed their hydration facial (surprise, surprise!) and after a bit of translation from the Marketing Manager due to language barriers I was left to be pampered for an hour and a bit of bliss. I have to say that the language issue was not a big deal at all. During my treatment my therapist communicated to me in basic English and there was never a time where either one of us couldn’t understand each other. The facial was so relaxing I literally was dizzy when leaving because I was so relaxed and chilled out. This was a good sign as I feel I am always a little bit “on edge”.

My absolute favourite part of the treatment though was when I had a face mask on. I am a big fan of spas that do neck and shoulder massages while you wait for your mask to come off rather then just leave the room and come back in 10 minutes. This was a huge plus plus in my book and I will definitely be back because to me this is 2 for 1 pampering!

Prices: The prices of their treatments start at $380 for a Hydrating Facial and they also offer Eye & Lip Treatments, Body Slimming Treatments, and even Bust Treatments. Personally $380 for a facial sounds pretty good to me and it doesn’t hurt the wallet to much if you do it every other month or so!

Special Sassy Deal: Zeta Clinic is offering Sassy members a free Zeta Platinum Bio Facial Treatment (valued at $680) with the purchase of any $1,000 purchase from ReVive products. The offer is valid until 31 March 2011. Just mention Sassy when making your purchase!

Latest product news: Discover the very best in anti-aging & cosmetic dermatology by trying Zeta’s newly launched OXYGEN JET PLUS. The treatment rehydrates and rejuvenates your skin and it also helps your dermis appear firmer. We also hear it leaves you just glowing! Price = $1,280


Zeta Clinic, Unit 905B, 9/F, Sino Plaza, 255-257 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, 2369 0007

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