Exclusive Interview – Piecco

Girls, meet Piecco – a fabulous handbag designer who just launched his collection in Hong Kong (and Paris too!). We love his clutches and have been keeping them a secret for way too long so we are excited that we can now give you a look into the collection.



P.P. Tote

Chelsea (purple)

Piecco (who previously worked in the banking industry) creates beautiful handbags made from exotic animal skins in amazing colors and textures. He currently has two lines: Haute Couture and Merci Dani. The Haute Couture Collection is all about being unique so when you order a bag from this collection you will sit down with Piecco and determine the concept and design for the bag. The Merci Dani Collection takes inspiration from the bags that are created in the Haute Couture collection. We love his clutches that are inspired by your own mobile phone number – so creative!

Piecco is such a great personality that we couldn’t write about his bags without interviewing him. We suggest heading to his new studio on On Wo Lane (NoHo) to really get the full Piecco experience. We guarantee he will make it entertaining for you!

Question 1:

Sassy: Why did you decide to leave the financial world for a career in the fashion/handbag industry?

Piecco: The decision wasn’t really made by myself… I believe when the right time comes, you will mostly know and grab on to it. It’s very simple in Chinese, 春來草自生

Question 2:

Sassy: What is your favourite piece from your new collection?

Piecco: I like the “Diana clutch” as it’s easy to carry, dress up/dress down and it is very multi-functional.

Question 3:

Sassy: What type of girl carries a Piecco handbag?

Piecco: I would say a girl with an open mind who likes to explore new things. My handbags are about concept, texture and color (including my black bags as they are different shades of black). I believe it takes time to see what they really are and that’s why there is a description card in every bag.

Question 4:

Sassy: What is your must have fashion essential?

Piecco: Pink cotton shirt, white sailor pants, funk bright Addidas sneakers and of course a “piecco”.

Since the quality is great the clutches are not cheap but we can think of a million ways to justify having one of his little black clutches – we are in love!

piecco – First Floor, Number Eight, On Wo Lane, NoHo

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