19 Apr 2018

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How to Create Valuable Social Media Content

The most important, and often most difficult task for social media teams is creating content of value. Producing content which holds meaning for your audience is what keeps them energised, engaged and emotionally connected with your brand, but how can you tell if your content is connecting with those you want to attract?

Having worked with global brands such as the NBA, Starbucks and Kellogg’s, Digital Marketing Expert Ernest Fung of FU&G will be breaking down the key features of what makes content ‘valuable’. Ernest will be answering questions including:

How can we gauge if our content is successful?
How do we use content to attract our target audience?
How should we create content that people can’t help but want to talk about?

From attracting (and sustaining) the right audience, to using data to determine what is and isn’t working, this seminar from a leading industry expert will help you ensure that your social media strategy is working as it should be – efficiently and effectively!

This seminar is designed for brands and marketers who:
• are creating original content and posting 3x+/week
• have utilised multimedia content
• are struggling with engagement levels

Event Outline:
7:00-7:30pm – Reception and drinks
7:30-8:30pm – Seminar and Q&A
8:30-9:00pm – Networking

Event Price


Garage Wan Chai, Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
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