17 February, 2015

Eighty-Eight, amazing nail art in the heart of Central!

17 February, 2015

You might have gathered that here at Sassy we’re BIG fans of manis… and fun nail art too! That’s why our team jumped at the chance to try out brand new nail salon, Eighty-Eight nails in Central. Shaneli, Aydee and Sana popped by to check out the salon and test the skills of the nail artists. Find out about their experiences below!

When I’m in need of a little pick-me-up, getting my nails done makes me instantly happy. My nails were in need of some much needed TLC after the festive period, so to say I was looking forward to getting my nails done is an understatement!

As we sunk into the plush leather seats we were handed water bottles and a massive selection of nail colours – from OPI to CND Shellac and more, the colour choices were endless. I settled on a deep purple with a gold accent nail on each hand and let Nikki get to work on my digits. She deftly fixed my cracked nail on my thumb (nicks in my knitwear, be gone!) while Aydee did some aerobics and took pictures of the process. I have to say, I’ve never seen a tidier nail extension on my hand.


Half way through the appointment, we were asked if we wanted some nail art. Honestly, nail art isn’t really my thing, but once I found out that it would be hand painted, I had to see this for myself. Kelvin painted a beautiful Japanese flower on my middle finger nail using a very thin pointed brush… I was amazed how quickly he painted it and how professional it looked. I suppose with 6 years experience under his belt working on such small canvases, I shouldn’t be surprised by his speed and professionalism… it’s absolutely stunning and perfect for this wintry weather. I spent the entire weekend showing off the art to anyone who listened, so much so that a friend actually had to tell me to shut up about the amazing nail art! I’d definitely hit up EightyEight again for tidy, special-occasion nails.

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My friends all know what a total geek I am. I love everything from superheroes to computer games, but I also love a bit of pampering and girl time. I’m used to sitting at home, putting on a movie and painting my nails to relax, but I would never say no to professional manicure!


I walked in to EightyEight with high expectations (I did my research a.k.a. stalking their Instagram page!), and boy, did they exceed them. I went for purple soft gel nails with a blue accent on both my ring fingers, but wasn’t sure what kind of art I wanted. My manicurist told me that Kelvin was amazing at cartoons and figures, so I figured I could challenge him with some League of Legends characters on my nails. After all, if I didn’t like them I could always just get them removed. An hour later, I had gorgeous and detailed hand painted characters on my nails, and I couldn’t wait to get pictures taken of them for my Instagram! Kelvin is amazing, and I’m definitely going back to hit him up for more nail art lovin’.

Black staircases, chic black and white thrones, colourful unicorn candles and giant My Little Pony dolls… they even had a framed Sailor Moon drawing! I was in love with the place the moment I walked in. Kitty was very friendly and professional, giving me great advice on what would suit my hand shape and nails best. She chatted the whole two hours, which meant that it went by really quickly! The soft gel nails turned out amazing and I didn’t want to ever take them off.

EightyEight, 1/F & 2/F, 53 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2350 9618, follow them on Instagram

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