3 May, 2012

Sassy Review: ECO-TAN, the cream of the crop!

3 May, 2012

As we welcome back the sun, all Sassy girls know the diary is hotting up and it’s time to get those pins out! However, with limited time to catch those vital rays and a desire to avoid looking like a prune aged 30, we sometimes need a helping hand… and this one’s from Mother Nature.

ECO-TAN is a proudly Australian organic tanning lotion; recently recognised by the Australian Organic Food Chain, you can be safe in the knowledge that this really is the healthiest way to a natural tan.

Unashamedly a tad tan-obsessed but unable to develop a ‘real’ bronzed glow, I have tried and tested every possible option… the instant, the gradual, the spray and the ruin-your-sheets! With each of their faults in mind, I approached my ECO-TAN trial with a shopping list; easy application, non-sticky, pleasant smell, quick dry, long-lasting natural colour and coverage, and preferably clean sheets (not demanding or anything)! Here is how it performed:

My immediate reaction was to the incredible smell of this product! Unlike many other tanning lotions and potions, ECO-TAN came to the garden party with a strong and healthy scent, immediately making me feel this might actually be good for my skin. Priding themselves on ‘no hidden nasties’, aloe vera, honeysuckle and chamomile are just a few of the scents you can expect to enjoy.

This was where the product really delivered for me; just a little amount went a long way. Supported by some good old-fashioned rubbing, it absorbed readily and dried very quickly meaning there was no need to pace your apartment perfecting your best scare-crow pose. Whilst many other tans leave you feeling sticky and uncomfortable, ECO-TAN lived up to its ‘invisible’ claim, feeling so light you might question whether you’d applied it. This also ensured my sheets remained in tact – massive tick!

Following the preferred guidelines, I slept in the product, washing it off after an 8-hour beauty sleep (I would avoid washing again for the rest of the day to allow for development). ECO-TAN’s use of natural cacao (chocolate) as opposed to synthetic ingredients ensured the colour I was left with was a beautifully rich yet natural brown, which developed further throughout the day. Be wary around your hands and feet though (the Achilles heel of any seasoned fake tanner) as it does tend to cling to these areas.

ECO-TAN’s major point of difference is the ingredients; as a certified organic, natural product, it really is the healthiest way to tan. So if you want to make your friends ‘green’ with envy, I highly recommend investing in your first bottle of ECO-TAN… it won’t be your last!

ECO-TAN costs $300, or with an exfoliation glove for HK$480. It’s available to purchase from Canasha Organics; call or email Cathy Burnett on [email protected] or 6475 8711 for delivery within Hong Kong.



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