18 July, 2016
Beetroot two ways at Tivo in Kennedy Town
Beetroot two ways at Tivo in Kennedy Town
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Tivo: A New Superfood Menu that Satisfies

18 July, 2016
Beetroot two ways at Tivo in Kennedy Town

Healthy and Hearty Fare in Kennedy Town


Health food has hit Hong Kong like a storm, and despite the actual rainy weather, we’re constantly seeking shelter in healthy hubs all over the city in search of a menu more inventive and nutritious than the next. So when I clocked on to trendy resto tivo‘s launch of their new super-food menu, I was intrigued to dive in to their array of tasty tidbits. I wanted to see how their fare compares to all those competing for top spot in HK’s super-food league. And honestly? I was surprised!

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the interior of tivo at kennedy town


As it is, Kennedy Town is chockablock full of chic and trendy watering holes and eateries that rival many of our Soho favourites. Set amongst the salty sea air, tivo’s regular menu boasts a great mix of East meets West dishes. Looking forward to spending a chilled out Thursday evening nestled amongst the cool industrial decor and a spread of healthy grub, we eagerly took in our surroundings and made for the menu.

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a beetroot smoothie from tivo in kennedy town


With five food dishes to try, we started off by wetting our palettes with one of tivo’s delicious smoothies that are blended with heaps of good-for-you ingredients. Our personal favourites included the ‘Downward Facing Dog‘, a blend of fresh starfruit, green grapes, pineapple and splash of pear juice, as well as a slightly creamier ‘Skinny Dip‘ which was a refreshing mix of orange, carrot and chunks of blended beetroot and banana. But regardless of whether you’re someone who prefers your smoothies light or tend to layer in the yogurt and purée (definitely check out their Beach Bum smoothie!) there was a concoction on the list to suite all tastes.

cauliflower hummus from tivo kennedy town


We kicked off the healthy affair with a generous helping of Roasted Cauliflower Hummus ($78), and I have to say that this was my favourite dish of them all. So much so that I’ve even since attempted to recreate the recipe – but none of my attempts have compared to the real deal! A spiced blend of grilled cauliflower, fresh ginger and sesame, the hummus appeared alongside plenty of pitta bread (seriously, what is it with resto’s scrimping on the dipping bread?) to get scooping with. I’m undeniably somewhat of a hummus fanatic (and a skeptic to rivaling ‘impersonations’), but I dug in and finished up the last of the dip before the Summer Brussels Sprout Salad ($78) even had the chance to reach the table! I must say though, if you’re bored of the same old lettuce leaves and dressing, make a beeline for the sprouts – seriously – we aren’t talking overdone Christmas leftovers here.

sprout salad by tivo

Organic sprouts roasted with a poached egg in a lemony-caesar sauce, topped with crunchy wasabi peas, this salad is one for those who enjoy strong flavours and a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to their meal. The contrast of textures in the menu so far was a really interesting touch and seemed to be a theme which continued in all of the dishes. And keeping in line with one of the biggest health food trends of the millennium, tivo’s Sesame Kale Salad ($98) delighted with crispy pancetta strips, grilled shallots and an indulgent sesame dressing.

kale salad with pancetta

Following on from our salad fiesta, we were then on to the last two dishes of the night – a delicious Roasted Baby Carrot and Avocado ($78) platter sprinkled with sunflower seeds – these baby bugs bunnies held bite and flavour – a helping of veggies brimming with nutrients and vitamins.

roasted carrots and cumin from tivo's superfood menu

All of tivo’s superfood menu is sourced fresh from farm to table, with much of the produce delivered to the restaurant throughout the day. That means you know you’re getting the best quality ingriedients in your food and the freshness is really noticeable too. Unfortunately this did mean that we were unable to sample the Grilled Octopus and Banana Blossom Salad ($108), as the blossoms weren’t ready for picking that day, but we were surprised with an ‘off menu’ concept that’s still in the works and will potentially be added to growing list of superfoods. We were instead treated to a platter of crispy rice crackers with a black bean pāte, walnuts and gorgonzola cheese – a cool take the on the English cheese board, the pāte was smooth and flavourful whilst the cheese (although not strictly a superfood!) added a certain richness that I would usually crave in a dessert.


Tivo are on to a winner here. There is a noticeable amount of care and thought put in to this specially curated menu that is certainly a pleasure to eat. I’m sure like many of you, I too really enjoy heading out for an evening meal, but I don’t always want something that’s stodgy and carb-laden. So the fact that this menu caters for both the health conscious and also to those who are just looking for a filling meal that’s light on the wallet and the waistline is great! So, watch out world, superfoods are taking over… and I’m actually, if this is anything to go by, really okay with that…

Tivo Kennedy Town, G/F Pearl Court, 2 Holland Street, 33 Praya, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong, Tel: 2543 1238, www.facebook.com/tivokt

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