22 July, 2016
group of friends sharing cocktails and poke bowls
group of friends sharing cocktails and poke bowls
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Pololi Lunch at Mahalo Tiki Lounge: A Tropical Getaway in Wan Chai

22 July, 2016
group of friends sharing cocktails and poke bowls

A delicious and reasonable poke lunch set


Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about Hawaii or the Bahamas in the middle of a busy day at work? Well, let’s just say that happens to us – frequently. No shame, ladies, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get through the day! The good news is that at Sassy, we’ve almost made it our mission statement to find the best and most relaxing restaurants that will bring the paradise to you after a long day at work. And top of that list is, of course, Mahalo Tiki Lounge – our new favourite spot for a lunch break paradise. 

the interior of mahalo tiki lounge in wan chai


Located on the top floor of the QRC Plaza, Mahalo Tiki Lounge has the most amazing décor and more importantly, a really delicious, fresh newly launched lunch set. The moment you leave the elevator of the 29th floor, it’s like arriving at a tropical getaway after a long flight. Palm trees frame the restaurant and plants fill the spacious terrace… you truly feel like you’ve entered a different world here.

salmon sashimi at mahalo tiki lounge wan chai


We tried out the delicious set lunch menu designed by Pololi for just $120 per person, which includes a filling but not too heavy Poké bowl paired with a much-needed, refreshing tropical drink. This meal is seriously the perfect pick me up in between work or a spot of shopping in Wan Chai. The menu is simple and  gives you lots of options – all you need to do is choose your base, bowl and drink! Pick out your preferred poke flavour (we love the Thai style with lemongrass and chilli) or opt for the vegetarian Furikake Edamame. For those who prefer their fish more cooked, you also have the options to go for ‘Cuit’ (cooked) instead of ‘Cru’ (raw) poke, an option you won’t find at Pololi. For those who don’t eat fish, Mahalo also offer a unique Hawaiian Style Chicken. Then choose from a sushi rice base, salad base, or half and half, which I chose because I can’t make crucial life decisions like these sometimes…

Tip: Ask the server to add furikake (a salty mixture of seaweed, dried fish, and sesame seeds) to your rice – it adds an extra sprinkle of flavour! 

rum cocktails at mahalo tiki lounge


As the sister store to Honi Honi in Central, Mahalo Tiki Lounge boasts an impressive cocktail and rum menu that’s just as good. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the chance to try out their alcoholic beverages, but let me to tell you, as someone who takes pride in drinking as many tropical/fruity non-alcoholic beverages as I can get my hands on, I can definitely say Mahalo’s ‘Haupia Spin’ is high up on my list. A wonderful mix of mango juice, passion fruit, and coconut cream and syrup, this drink was almost gone before we even got our poke bowls! The other drinks look equally delicious and they even have the option of adding an espresso after your meal for $20 if you really need a push to get through the second half of the day.

P.S. Mahalo’s “sunset hour” a.k.a. happy hour, lasts until 8pm, so it’s the perfect spot after a long day at work!

bamboo bar at mahalo tiki lounge


Mahalo Tiki Lounge is a mini tropical getaway, the ideal place to escape the hectic city-life of Hong Kong for a drink or two. Their lunch menu, which has been created with help of our fave poke spot Pololi, is simple and easy to understand, yet maintains the distinct flavours of signature Hawaiian dishes and drinks. We love how accommodating they are with their vegetarian and non-fish options, and even their ‘cuit’ or ‘cooked’ option. There’s something for everyone here, all the options are flavourful, filling and fresh. If you’re looking for a relaxed and satisfying business lunch in a beautiful tropical location, look no further…

Mahalo, 29/F, QRE Plaza, Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, 2488 8750, www.mahalotikibar.com

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