9 January, 2017
Dragon Noodles Academy Lobster
Dragon Noodles Academy Lobster
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Dragon Noodles Academy: Traditional Chinese Cuisine Gets a Makeover in Central

9 January, 2017
Dragon Noodles Academy Lobster

Oodles of Noodles!

Extracting traditional DNA from Hong Kong’s long-standing history of incredible food, Dragon Noodles Academy offers up delicious noodles and dim sum, with these classic dishes having been treated to a modern makeover. Displayed in a Kung Fu academy, the food may be forward facing but the décor is a definite throwback; perfect for family-style group dining.

Dragon Noodles Decor

Firstly, the academy is no pokey 852 ‘hole-in-the-wall’. The space is huge and every inch of the restaurant is intricate, successfully incorporating many aspects of Chinese culture and heritage. Upon entering you can’t help but be drawn towards the hand-carved, five-metre-long gold-painted dragon hanging on the wall, or the 12 handmade lion heads which loom over the diners!

Throughout the restaurant there are nods to ‘old Hong Kong’, from the ornate tiled floors to the display of kung-fu weaponry and the gorgeous crockery used. Contrasting against the traditional, Dragon Noodles Academy shows off their chefs with an open plan kitchen, allowing guests to watch the master noodle makers at work.

There is a great selection of Chinese teas which can be served hot or cold (I enjoyed the Lychee ‘Hong Pao’), but they also offer up a delicious array of cocktails, of which I tried the Wolf of the Pisco Valley ($89). This comprised of Encanto Grand & Noble Pisco, Small Hand Foods, Pineapple Syrup, Wolf Berry Syrup and Fresh Lemon Juice. It was light and refreshing with a strong taste of pineapple, which complimented the flavoursome food beautifully.

Dragon Noodles Academy Kitchen

The resto proudly serves fresh, handmade noodles alongside their signature slow-cooked fish and lobster broth (which is made in house daily!) so if you’re going, a must try is the Lobster Tail Soup Noodles ($149) or the Lobster & Shrimp Roe “Lo Mein” ($149) (where the master broth is served alongside your noodles). In both dishes, the lobster meat is succulent and sweet, paired deliciously with the rich broth and the expertly made noodles.

Dragon Noodles Academy Lobster

One of the only dim sum dishes available during the dinner service is the Crispy Lobster Puff ($69). Again showing off beautiful lobster meat, the dish is served with the lobster head intact with the crunchy pastry of the roll made to resemble a tail. The roll is filled with the meat, coriander and winter chestnut; a traditional taste served in a contemporary way.

We also tried the Hot-Stone BBQ Pork Fillets ($119), of which the chefs use only finest pork shoulder meat for. The pork came to the table served on sizzling hot-stones (ensuring it stays piping hot!) and diners are in for a theatrical treat as the dish is engulfed in a cloud of smoke once the delicious sauce is poured over the tender meat.

DNA Lobster Puff

Another must try (and more reason to go in a large group!) is the Wood-Oven 8-Week Whole Peking Duck with Pancakes ($499). The duck is smoked in their wood-oven daily and then presented whole to the table, before being served three ways – crispy golden skin, tender meat and skin with meat. Pair each with the accompaniments of cucumber, Chinese leeks, Peking duck sauce, minced garlic, sesame paste and the all important pancakes for a tasty parcel of the classic sweet and savoury flavours of Hong Kong.

The great thing about this dish, and what makes it perfect for large groups, is that you can then go for a second course and choose from 8 different choices on the menu to use up any remaining duck meat! We went for the Wok-Fried Minced Duck Iceburg Lettuce ($99) – always a favourite of mine, it tasted amazing and was the perfect, not too heavy dish to have just as we were starting to get full! The minced duck meat was wok fried with mushrooms, carrots, celery and green onion, which we enjoyed wrapped in lettuce with more Peking duck sauce – another example of how Dragon Noodles Academy is taking the authentic tastes of Hong Kong and giving them a modern twist.

Dragon Noodles Duck

If you’re after delicious and authentic Chinese food, which has been given a contemporary update, then Dragon Noodles Academy is the place for you! The perfect spot for group dining (and with private dining spaces available) it’s a great pick for family dinners or a new place to try on Dim Sum Sunday’s!

Dragon Noodles Academy, Shop No. G04, G/F, Man Yee Arcade, Man Yee Building, No. 68 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong, www.dragon-noodles.com

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