16 April, 2015

DIY Rescue! How to save a Failed Cake

16 April, 2015

If you’re a fan of the Great British Bake Off, then you might be inclined have a go at the whole baking game yourself. Playing with delicious ingredients and creating your own yummy treats is a great way to unwind, spend time doing some productive and impress friends – so grab a spatula and head to your nearest Park ‘N Shop to pick up your ingredients! There aren’t that many places to find fabulous cakes in Hong Kong, so if you’re lucky enough to have an oven you will consistently be able to pass yourself off as a baking god. But if you’re good intentions don’t quite match you baking skills, never fear. Had a kitchen disaster? Does your cake look more like a Pinterest fail? Don’t stress! Use these easy, fail safe ways to cover your tracks and wow your guests. 

burnt cake collage

The Burnt Cake
Commonly the result of binge watching The Bachelor and not hearing the timer go off, this problem doesn’t have to spell the end of your cake-making endeavour.

burnt before and after
If the cake is only lightly burnt gently grate off any overcooked areas with a cheese grater or, for heavier burns, carefully cut. Carefully. Ice, decorate and you will still have time to finish that final episode.

Wonky Cake Collage1The Wonky Cake
Does your cake look like a mountain slope? You are in luck! This is the easiest problem to fix! Simply cut the cake so that the top is flat, flip the cake over so your cut top is now the base to avoid getting crumbs in the icing.

Wonky Cake Collage before-after

Devour the discarded cake while you ice and decorate – too easy!

Sunken cake collageThe Cake With the Sunken Middle
Usually the result of excitedly opening the door of the oven while the cake is still cooking.

Sunken Cake collage before-after
Transform your crater into a spectacular (and totally intentional) ring cake. Use a round bowl to carefully cut out the sunken middle, ice and decorate.

Disaster cake before-after
The Disaster cake
This happens to the best of us. Eat ruined cake while crying. As this is going on, ask your significant other to go to the 7/11 and buy any available cake (most likely a sponge roll), decorate, and pass it off as your own. If people do suspect they will likely be too polite to say anything. Works like a charm.


Always remember that excessive amounts of icing, cream or fruit can cover a multitude of sins. And voila! You have successfully avoided disaster and passed as a domestic goddess.

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