Coco Chanel's Cuffs

One of Coco Chanel’s signatures was the wearing of her two Verdura cuffs, one on each wrist. The pair of ivory-enameled silver bracelets were topped with a Maltese cross made of precious stones taken from other pieces of jewelry that didn’t meet her critical design standards – a lesson in frugality! 

It somehow seems so much more chic to wear two cuffs than one – almost like a kind of armour. 
The double cuff look was back on the runway in DSquared‘s Spring/Summer 2009 collection (modeled here by Chanel Iman coincidentally).
The above Erickson Beamon bangle is probably the most closely “inspired” by the Chanel cuffs I could find, and I guess herein lies the problem with the double cuff trend… you have to buy two of them, which at $720 USD is not exactly budget friendly. 
I love the above Monica Vinader cuff – just imagine wearing one of these on each wrist with a simple white dress. 
And going back to the cuffs as armour comment, you could wear two of these amazing Yves Saint Laurent metal cuffs and look like something from the movie Gladiator! 
Just remember, this isn’t the look you’re going for! 

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