9 February, 2015
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Clean Eating made easy: we test out the products from Superfood Lab!

9 February, 2015

Although it can be hard at times, I believe the best way to stay healthy in this active city is to eat well. I was recently told by a very well respected health guru that it is not just about ‘what you eat’, but also about ‘what you don’t eat.’ After learning this, I decided I wanted to make a conscious effort to integrate the substances I felt were lacking in my daily diet… enter Superfood Lab!

Superfood Lab was set up in 2013 to provide our buzzing city with the freshest organic ingredients and supplements. They believe that we need to create healthy habits in our communities by paying closer attention to what we consume and definitely follow the philosophy of ‘you are what you eat’! Their online platform and stores offer a range of superfood powders, berries, nuts and sweeteners that are aimed at improving your immunity and overall nutrition. I was excited to receive a superb Detox Hamper from Superfood Lab, which included four of these fantastic products – all of which I had never tried before.

Organic Acai Powder

The first product in the hamper that I tried was the Organic Acai Powder, which was a great addition to my morning smoothie. I had no idea that simply adding Acai to my diet would give me such a long lasting feeling of energy and fulfilment. The taste was quite strong, so I only needed a couple of teaspoons worth. What stood out for me the most was the natural sweet taste that lingered afterwards, which was surprising as the ingredients are gluten free, non GMO, vegan and don’t contain any sweeteners. I was in for a win!

SuperGreen PH Powder

Next up were the Supergreen PH Travel Sachets and the SuperRed Antiox Travel Sachets, which (believe it or not…) were perfect for taking on an airplane or for keeping on you during the working day. This was my favourite product in the hamper as it was a real energy booster. I choose not to eat when flying long haul as it really messes with my jetlag, but adding these to a premixed shake or even to a cup of water during the flight made me feel so hydrated and refreshed. The SuperGreen PH Powder contains alkalizing minerals that help to regulate your internal PH levels, and I found that simply having some on me at all times meant that if I didn’t have time to stop for lunch, I could keep going.

Organic Dried Golden Berries

The Organic Dried Golden Berries are a chewy, healthy superfood snack with a sweet yet tart flavour. I found that they gave a great tangy kick to salads, yoghurts and desserts, and were a great addition to my dried fruit and nut mix. The sour taste made my tongue tickle and definitely suppressed my appetite!


If you are looking to boost your superfood intake I couldn’t recommend Superfood Lab more highly. Not only did I enjoy the products, but I found that after introducing these superfoods into my daily diet, I felt a lot more balanced. Superfoods are ‘super’ for a reason! I felt like I was feeding and healing my organs and saw results with my skin, hair and nails… the best thing was my energy levels went through the roof!

Superfood Lab products are available online here and at these store locations.

Lead image and image #2 sourced via The Dim Sum Diaries
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