Soft Creme

Lookout Mister Softee, you’ve got some competition! Soft served ice cream is becoming uber popular in Hong Kong, and if you want to get in on this icy trend then we’d recommend heading to Tai Hang to try Soft Creme. Soft Creme does what it says on the tin, delivering super soft and creamy ice cream but with a slight twist. They use liquid nitrogen and dry ice create an even smoothes texture and to really give the presentation the ‘wow’ factor. Choice is limited but tempting; they serve two different milk base ice creams, which can be topped with honeycomb, caramelised cornflakes, macarons, cinnamon and even… flamed bacon! We love the original honeycomb flavour, which is sticky and sweet!


HMV, Pearl City Mansion, 22 Paterson St, Hong Kong
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