4 January, 2013
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Circuit25 – the ultimate urban workout

4 January, 2013

Nothing beats the holiday season. An excuse to eat, drink and shop to your heart’s content – what more could a girl want?! However, all those mince pies, festive feasts and glasses of mulled wine we’ve been enjoying over the past few weeks have definitely resulted in the addition of a few extra pounds… so if you went a bit overboard with the Quality Street tin and are searching for a virtuous new year’s resolution, Circuit25 might be just the workout you’re looking for!

Despite being a bit of a gym bunny myself, I was intrigued by the Circuit25 concept. Providing ladies and gents with one-on-one group sessions and 25-minute boot camp workouts, Circuit25 aims to get you into the great outdoors and give you results quickly thanks to their method of intense short bursts of exercise.

I think we’d all admit to “planning” a gym session, eating as if you’re about to run a marathon and then finding a very legitimate excuse as to why we couldn’t possibly make it down there that morning or night! Well, with Circuit25’s online token system, once you’ve booked yourself in for a session, you’ve paid – therefore, you go! This certainly helped me drag myself out of bed in the morning.

The online booking system is really simple and easy to use:

  1. Sign up on the Circuit25 website.
  2. Buy your tokens, one token per session ($200 for one session but with discounts if you book packages of 4, 10, 25 or 50 sessions).
  3. Go to the ‘Locations & Booking’ tab to schedule your session. There are Circuit25 workouts all over Hong Kong Island and Kowloon – so convenient you have no excuse!
  4. Book, and the dread begins!

The trainers are great – motivating, knowledgeable and actually quite funny (though it might not seem it at the time)! A different trainer takes each workout, providing sessions at a range of times and locations across the island; I would recommend trying out a few before you find your King Pin. The trainers all have their own styles and will change up the sessions to cover cardio-based running exercises, strength, conditioning and toning to make sure the time flies by.

In the eight different sessions I took part in, we managed to use steps, hills, parks, walls, benches, roadside barriers and even an amphitheatre to create the ultimate urban workout. There was always a good vibe and a great bunch of people to share the pain with; I would definitely recommend these sessions to any HK newbies as it’s a great opportunity to meet new like-minded people.

My only gripe (apart from the crazy early starts obviously!) is that sessions can be cancelled via email if they aren’t full enough. However, they do give you plenty of notice so you would never rock up and be a “Billy no-mates”!

These workouts are for everyone, so whether you’re a total novice or a fitness freak, you’ll benefit from attending a Circuit25 session. Prepare to push yourself harder than you ever could on the cross trainer whilst watching the latest episode of the Kardashians and instead look forward to a fun workout with a great bunch of people. Those extra mince pie pounds will be gone in no time!

Circuit25 sessions cost $200 each, with discounts if you book group session packages; see more details here and get the full schedules and locations of sessions here. New members can sign up for a free first trial here.


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