27 January, 2016

The Diamond Registry – Buying a diamond has never been easier!

27 January, 2016

Up to 50% off on certified diamonds!

With the pop of champagne well behind us and the New Year increasingly becoming less so, it’s time to set our sights on the holidays ahead. With Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day on the horizon we’re bringing the focus back to our loved ones with a gift to be treasured – we’re talking GIA-certified, wholesale loose diamonds that are more affordable than you’d ever think!

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or any significant milestone in your life, a diamond is a truly a special way to commemorate the occasion. And whether you’re looking at diamonds as a worthwhile investment or looking to buy something special for yourself – why wouldn’t you want to seek the best? In comparison to other wholesalers, The Diamond Registry holds you to no commitment and is happy to just hold your hand with their comprehensive online platform, full of free information, free advice and guidance that’ll ensure you exclusive access and saving up to 50% on certified diamonds sourced from inventories from around the world.


The Registry has been around since 1961, lending their professional and trusted advice to customers all over the world. Buying that special stone is a commitment, so you need to feel comfortable with your wholesaler. And as one of the first diamond companies to be clear about the market, you’ll gain great insights and first-hand updates. The Diamond Registry operates across the globe with offices as wide-spread as New York, but they’re right here on our doorstep too on Chiu Lung Street, Central, Hong Kong, so you can feel free to visit, browse and ask questions. Why visit a high-street store when The Diamond Registry can source a unique and a wide range of certified loose gems from worldwide diamond manufactories and cutters, that you can then custom design into diamond jewelry? The best part is knowing that you’re purchasing the highest quality at an unbeatable price!

Undoubtedly you want to get the most bang for your buck, but there’s more to diamonds than just their value. Their unspoken messages of love, care and commitment say more than words ever could. Diamonds are a present that last a life time so you’re best putting your trust in a wholesaler that can directly get in contact with those in the industry, cutting out the middleman and retail costs. The Diamond Registry source from the worldwide diamond manufactory inventory, which gives you the opportunity to find that perfect sparkly stone to fit your optimal size, shape, colour, grading and of course, your budget. And as The Diamond Registry has a global cliental that ships all over the world, your loose diamonds can be shipped free of charge, opening up a huge range of options with no commitment!


We all know that ‘diamonds are forever’, but what’s special about this service is that you can turn a loose diamond into a gorgeous work of art by customising your own ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings. Create a completely unique, individual gift for yourself and your loved-ones with help from experienced designers. With big holidays just around the corner, we couldn’t think of a more special, personal gift that oozes with sentiment and sophistication! And to top it all off, you can update your piece to a larger size or better quality stone at any time. Simply browse their website and see for yourself – if saving up to 50% on the best quality diamonds sounds good to you, head on over to The Diamond Registry ASAP! It’s time to add a little sparkle to 2016…


Brought to you in partnership with The Diamond Registry

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