14 October, 2010

Burberry gets studded

14 October, 2010

It seems as though a huge trend for this season is studs.  If you rememeber I told you about the Uggs and Jimmy Choo collaboration which was basically Uggs with loads of studs.  Among others, Burberry is officially in with the stud trend.

I typically think of Burberry as being more for my mother’s generation.  Especially because of the classic iconic trench coat, which will never go out of style.  However, I’m actually pleased with Burberry’s use of the latest stud craze.

Burberry definitely took advantage of the metal studs as you’ll find all kinds from large to small, to some bags with just a few while others are fully encased.  I actually like the look.  I do think it may be a bit tough, but at the same time the edginess makes the bags fun!

Already the bags are being spotted on celebrities and socialites.  Here’s a pic of  Cameron Diaz and Nicky Hilton both with the Burberry Prorsum Knight Bag.

Here’s a peak at more of Burberry’s Studded Collection:

The Yellow Ochre Studded Sling Bag

Chocolate Brown Leather Studded Hobo

Medium Leather Multi-Stud Hobo Bag

Are you a fan of Burberry’s studded bags for Fall?

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