29 June, 2010

Building My Clutch Wardrobe

29 June, 2010

One of the black holes in my wardrobes is my clutch collection. For some reason, I never ever buy clutches, and then when an event or evening out rolls around, I am desperately searching for some better alternative to the cheapo fake-leather H&M one that I picked up in desperation when I was last in the same situation. With my spending on clothes curtailed due to my ever-growing bump, I figure I can “work” on my accessories collection instead, because um, stop spending money on fashion completely? That would clearly not be very likely!

But how to make sure that the clutches I buy will go with everything I own so that I don’t end up needing hundreds of different types? Well, one of the things that I’ve figured out recently is that as I tend to wear a lot of prints, I need plain-coloured accessories to make sure that my outfits don’t look like they’re fighting with each other. I also prefer slightly more unstructured, casual lines, so anything I buy that’s too formal tends to languish in my drawers. So, I’ve put together my ultimate clutch wardrobe above, which for me is a good mix of fun and functional and I don’t think I can think of an outfit in my head which wouldn’t go with one of these bags. There are definitely some pieces that I can imagine working harder than others. For example, the pink ruffled one from French Connection is probably more of a one-season wonder, while the Rebecca Minkoff tan purse at the bottom would double up for day or evening and is just the most perfect thing ever and is high on my wish-list.

I think unfortunately I probably need two black clutches – one more casual and one that can work with a more dressed-up look, so the Bottega Veneta (which is actually dark purple) would be my dream for the formal one. At 710 GBP, I’m going to need a cheaper alternative I think!

How many clutches do you own? What do you think the optimal number to own is so that you’re always prepared?

Top Row Left: Helena de Natalio Giselle Clutch; Right: Coach Resort Leather Clutch
Middle Row Left: Fetish Clutch from Calypso; Right: French Connection Wooden Frill Bag
Bottom Row Left: Rebecca Minkoff Beloved Mini Bag; Right: Bottega Veneta Purple Clutch

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