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Bright Colours in Small Spaces

All our decorating posts at Sassy have so far focused on how to make a small space look and feel bigger (or featured excessive use of our signature colour, Pink). Received wisdom holds that pale, neutral colours are the best choice for little apartments. But today we’re breaking away from that to think about using bright colour and bold patterns instead.

The room above, while I think it looks beautifully cosy, would not really be my choice for a long-term colour scheme. Eventually I think I would go crazy.

I love how the above image has used pattern and wallpaper mixed with white and sleek lines to create a modern look that is still homey. The apartment blocks outside of the window really make me think this could be Hong Kong…?

I like the idea of having a bed kind of floating in the middle of a room so that it can function as a day bed or a sofa too. Perfect if you have a studio apartment that you need to make the most of.
If you’re looking for brightly coloured home wares, try heading for Tequila Kola or Indigo who both do colour very well.
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