9 December, 2014

Bridal Couture with Carat

9 December, 2014

Every bride’s got their priorities ladies: foodies will want a decadent cake, avid Pinteresters will want décor to die for and regular catwalkers will want all the drama of a wedding gown. The pennies tend to add up however (especially if you’re throwing a wedding that calls for days of ceremonies) and it’s difficult staying within budget, however Carat*’s got you sorted so you don’t need to skimp on gorgeous gems.


I took a little wander down to their flagship store in Harbour City and was floored by a boutique starrier than the Milky Way. Loved by celebrities everywhere such as Anna Kendrick and Cara Delevigne, all of their meticulously created jewellery is stunning. If I hadn’t known any better, I never would’ve been able to tell that all their sparkling stones were lab-made. I was immediately drawn to their emerald and sapphire settings and particularly their vintage recreations, however there’s style to spare with a wide variety of both sleek modern styles and dramatic art deco-esque rings and necklaces.

carat jewellery

I spoke with the lovely Natalie who gestured to the store, “When you’re planning a wedding with lots of outfit changes; for example if you’re having to slip into tea ceremony dresses or sari after sari, you want to make sure your jewellery matches. Not many people can afford to splash out, but at least with Carat* it’s more affordable.”

Ladies who might be getting engaged in the near future, we’re not forgetting about you either! If you want a hand in choosing your rock later on, you could hardly go wrong with a starter ring from Carat*’s gorgeous selection.

bridal room

Aside from the delicate jewellery, there’s another reason why brides should be visiting Carat*’s Harbour City branch especially. Tucked away in a corner is a silver curtain, behind which is their exclusive bridal room – the first of its kind at any jewellery store in Hong Kong. Carat*’s all about helping you find the pieces perfect for your outfit and brides are invited to bring their outfits to the bridal room to test out the whole look in front of a glamorous full length mirror. With a comfortable set of chairs inside, it’s the best place to get a second opinion from your best gals on your entire look.

With the fab team at Carat* at the helm kindly guiding you the whole way through, you’ll be able to avoid breaking the bank without compromising on your dream wedding look.

Carat*, Shop 3323A, Level 3, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, www.caratlondon.com

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