14 February, 2012
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In My Sweet Opinion: The Hot Chocolate Files HK

14 February, 2012

It’s time for the final part of A.C’s Sweet Opinion series to her favourite sweet treats in Hong Kong! The final stop? Hot chocolate!

As soon as the mercury falls below 20 degrees, you can find me snuggling inside some of my favorite cafés and coffee shops, sipping on a steamy beverage and reading a book or writing a blog post. The temperature dropped recently and my consumption of hot chocolate spiked to at least a once-a-week addiction. Here are my top 5 cups o’ choc.

Java Java Flat C, 188A Hollywood Rd, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
2549 7739 www.javajavalounge.com/

1 regular hot chocolate $32

Even before you take a sip, you can see that this hot chocolate is going to be delicious. Served in an extra large mug, the froth on top is beautifully decorated and perfectly steaming. The artfully designed froth is as sweet as the chocolate itself, straddling the fine line between “too sweet” and “just right”; this hot chocolate was too yummy not to drink up even before reading one chapter.

P.S. If you’ve never been to Java Java, you must! Travel books adorn bookshelves and are placed just right to create private nooks with comfy chairs and couches. They’re even open late on Saturday nights with live music!

Le Gouter Bernardaud Shop 2028-2029, IFC Mall, 1 Harbour View Street, Central
2295 3955 www.legouter.com/store/index.html

1 small hot milk chocolate $28, 1 shot of gingerbread $5

This hot chocolate’s already good, but add a shot of gingerbread syrup and you’re in for a perfect holiday treat (I promise that post-December, you’ll still be adding the gingerbread!). LGB’s drinks come in 3 sizes, so depending on how much you love hot chocolate, you have options. This beverage is the ideal shopping companion through Zara and Steve Madden, so grab a cup and a macaron and let the shopping spree begin!

Sift G/F, 46 Graham Street, Soho, Central
2530 4288 www.siftdesserts.com/web/home.html

1 hot chocolate with roasted homemade marshmallow $38

Rich and frothy, this hot chocolate is just the right size so you won’t overindulge. The homemade marshmallow on the side looks just like I always wished my s’mores marshmallows would look, perfectly brown with a balance of crisp crystallized outside and mushy interior. Once dissolved, the crystals add to the texture to the smooth chocolate. Adding to the excellence of the beverage is the spacious outdoor area. And even though, baby, it’s cold out there, this delectable steamy drink will warm you right up.

Pacific Coffee Company Every street corner where there isn’t a Starbucks!
1 tall cup of hot chocolate $30

A Hong Kong staple, putting Pacific Coffee Co on the list almost seems like a copout, but I absolutely love their hot chocolate. I’ve spent more Saturday afternoons than I can count with a cup of the delightful drink in one hand and a book in the other lounging in the comfy over-sized armchairs. It’s also the perfect to-go version of hot chocolate because they’re fast and located everywhere. You won’t see me this winter on any bus or ferry ride without my trusty, smooth, and delectable PCC hot chocolate.

Barista Jam Shop D, G/F, 126-128 Jervois St, Sheung Wan
2854 2211 www.baristajam.com.hk

1 regular hot chocolate $34, make it an awesome flavoured drink at $39

Right out of a Parisian café, this hot chocolate is parfait! You can be ho-hum by ordering plain ol’ hot chocolate or you can get one of the many flavoured varieties, including vanilla, almond, hazelnut, Irish cream, and caramel. Served with 3 marshmallows perfectly placed on your spoon and a lattice of cocoa sprinkled atop the tasty beverage, which adds to the deliciousness of the drink. With each cup of hot chocolate, you get a discount on a tasty dessert (try the mini apple tart, it’s just like Mom’s apple pie!).


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