27 February, 2012

Sassy Review: Benefit’s b.right skincare range

27 February, 2012

Benefit have always been one of my favourite make-up brands. Pretty packaging, memorable names, products that actually work – what’s not to love? However, they generally hadn’t been known for their skincare… until now.

So it’s out with their previous somewhat scatty skincare range, and in with the new! Benefit’s b.right collection consists of eight skincare solutions that will supposedly make your skin so radiant, you’ll need a dimmer switch (though we’ll perhaps pass on wearing the lampshade over our faces!). So we thought it’s time for Sassy to put this claim to the test!

But before we do, let me just wax lyrical about the packaging. This is packaging so gorgeous, I had real problems throwing the boxes away! Everything comes in boxes decorated with pretty green and blue pastel designs, whilst inside are heavy vintage-style glass bottles and jars. This is skincare to be proud of having on display!

Triple Performing Facial Emulsion $270
This is a super lightweight lotion that you apply to your freshly-cleansed face and neck every morning. It hydrates, protects (with an SPF 15) and comforts the skin, but with a formula so light and lovely that you barely notice it’s there. What I loved about this was that it’s oil-free (so a great choice for sensitive or oily skin), glides onto your skin easily and absorbs in just as quickly. After a few weeks, my skin did indeed feel softer, plumper and more hydrated whilst that barely-there formula means it’s also a great prep pre make-up.

Total Moisture Face Cream $360
Whilst the weather outside is frightful, this cream is so delightful! This is a rich concentrated moisturiser expertly designed to battle the elements and quench dry skin. Like all products in the range, it has been formulated with a unique fancy-sounding tri-radiance complex that locks in moisture and develops the skin’s reserves of water, making for hydrated radiant skin. This stuff is truly a miracle-worker for dry flaky skin and ideal for the winter months especially. It’s got a gloriously indulgent luxurious feel about it, but doesn’t feel heavy or greasy either. I’d probably think about using this less or switching solely to the Facial Emulsion come our hot and humid summers, but for surviving dry conditions, this is a must-have.

Refined Finish Facial Polish $210
Facial polish is basically a nicer way of saying exfoliating scrub! I use this once or twice a week to banish dull skin and buff away rough patches, revealing a silky soft, smooth and squeaky clean complexion hiding underneath! This contains natural clay and seaweed extract (rich in purifying minerals, nutrients and sugars, donchaknow) and feels surprisingly gentle and non-abrasive whilst still working a charm. It does claim to minimise the appearance of pores, which personally I didn’t notice, but it’s a worthy addition to your cleansing routine purely for its stellar exfoliating qualities – and every skincare routine needs a good exfoliator, trust me!

I would also like to add that all of the b.right range (apart from their eye cream and make-up remover) smells absolutely gorgeous – a fresh floral and cucumber blend that makes for a lovely start to your day.

Overall, I’m really impressed with Benefit’s foray into skincare proper. I’m really looking forward to trying their It’s Potent Eye Cream, which I’ve heard great things about, and I’ve got a bottle of Ultra Radiance Facial Mist at the ready for dousing on my face liberally come summer! So if you’re looking for skincare that looks as good as it makes your skin feel, let Benefit’s b.right light up your life! Maybe we will need that lampshade after all…

Benefit’s b.right skincare range is available from all their counters; see here for all locations in Hong Kong

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