Everything You Need To Know About Serums

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Clarins Double Anti Age Face Serum

If anti aging is your concern, than this is your one-two punch. Designed to improve your cells functioning it tackles five distinct areas: regeneration, oxygenation, nutrition, protection, and hydration. What this means for you is fewer visible pores and wrinkles, firmer skin, and a more even complexion. As I blow out yet another candle with each passing year this becomes more and more of a concern. Welcome, to my routine, Clarins!

Available at Clarins

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Edible Beauty N0.3 Exotic Goddess Ageless Face Serum

If you still want an anti-aging solution but you want it to be natural enough that you can actually eat it, then try this one by Aussie line Edible Beauty. Hyaluronic acid, Davidson Plum, and Edelweiss (small and white, clean and bright…. Sound of Music, anyone?!) are combined to leave you with dewy and radiant skin! Maybe taste a touch, but save the rest to actually apply to your skin.

Available via Sephora

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Rodin Olio Lusso Luxury Hair Oil Serum

Fed up with flyaway frizzy hair? Aren’t we all?! Well, I recently heard an insider tip and the key to fab summer hair is using hair oil every time so you build up the health of your hair. Apparently healthy hair has a fighting chance against this HK humidity! This one has eight essential oils including sweet almond and sunflower, which smell fabulous and also add manageability and shine to your locks. Bye bye bun! Hello sun!

Available via Net-A-Porter

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Givenchy Vax’in City Skin Solution D-Tox Face Serum

As Hong Kongers, we all know that the battle against pollution is a very real thing. Since not going outside isn’t really an option, you had better prepare yourself as best you can. Enter Givenchy Vax’in City Skin Solution Serum. This lightweight formula easily dissolves, making it a pre-makeup essential. Your skin is then protected from harmful pollutants, which are neutralized as they come in contact with your delicate skin. Pollution-induced ageing is no longer a concern… Now if it could just help your lungs!

Available via Escentual

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Light Time Open Eyes Serum by thisworks

This is a new personal fave of mine. Every morning I stumble out of bed bleary eyed and immediately head for this…. Then coffee. You squeeze a little line around your eye and then use the cool metal massager to work the product in. Continue working in the serum for another minute with your finger to activate the vitamin C. The result is an eye that feels much more bright and awake and ready to face the day.

Available via lookfantastic

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Fresh Rose Deep Hydrating Face Serum

I’m a sucker for anything rose scented. Perhaps it reminds me of flowers, and flowers remind me of chocolate, and chocolate makes me happy. In any case, I love this one! Pump out a little and rub it in for a smooth layer of moisture. This is a must for my pre-flight ritual, and I even used it a few extra times on my last long haul and loved the results. The angelica leaf extract helps retain moisture for a full 24 hours though you will have the best results if you use it morning and night.

Available from fresh

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L’Occitane Almond Velvet Youthful Body Serum

Body serums are the latest craze in moisture as they pack a punch of active ingredients that regular body creams and moisturisers just don’t. L’Occitane body serum ups the ante on its almond oil by adding Vitamin C, which tackles sun-related dark spots and ageing. It’s lightweight and can be used morning or night, leaving you smelling fresh and feeling divine all day long.

Available from l’occitane

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TRUE LUMINESSENCE Glow On Intense Hydrating Activator Face Serum

Another delicious rose serum from a brand I love is the Glow On Hydrating Activator by Hong Kong line Evie. It’s no secret I think its oil cleanser is the best there is and it continues to impress me with its line of offerings. This one is jam-packed with brightening vitamin C to strengthen, repair and tone your skin. The best part is, you are supporting a local HK brand while making yourself look fabulous. Win win!

Available from Harvey Nichols Beyond Beauty, The Landmark, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

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Verso Hand Serum with Retinol 8

Your hands and face are the first two places to show age, so it makes sense to treat them equally. While you can just use the extra product from your face to rub into your hands, you could also get a dedicated formula made to give your mitts the, well, helping hand they really deserve. This anti-aging serum fights fine lines and wrinkles and helps to promote suppleness and elasticity. Your nails and cuticles will also reap the rewards making your mani look even better as you raise a champagne glass to your new fab self!

Available via lookfantastic

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Fresh Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy

Can I brag for a second? I was once named the highest paid lip model in the world so I feel like I can speak to lip products out there. Ok… I’m done. But seriously this lip serum is amazing! One little pump applies enough product to really coat your lips. It soothes cracks and helps your liner and colour to go on more smoothly. It has a slight lemon taste and tingles just a touch, making you plump out your pout slightly. I wish I had this in my lip kit back in NY! Use this when you wake up, and by the time you go to put on your makeup it has absorbed and your lip colour will glide on seamlessly. I love using this in the evening after I remove my matte lipsticks (as those can be quite drying).

Available from fresh

There. Now you have a few new faves to mend every issue from hair to heel. As always, I will continue to stay on the hunt for any new goodies that you need to know about. Have any fave products I should test out for myself? Hit me up on twitter @sabrinasikorahk

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